29 08 2007

The title says it all.  Started school last Monday.  It was insanely boring on Monday but boredom never killed anyone.  Tuesday was another story.  My first class was at 8 am and I had three 1.5 hour classes in a row with only 15 minutes between each.  My first scary math class went 11 minutes over, leaving only 4 minutes between classes.  Second scary math class got out a few minutes early.  My theology class followed the scary math classes.  I’m in Theology 101.  In that little “course catalog” they gave me when i enrolled it has this 101 class as being the lowest one offered.  It says it’s for those “unacquainted with the Hebrew Scriptures.”  No prerequisites, no NOTHING.  So I showed up to class and the teacher passes out the syllibus and mentions that “you shouldn’t be in this class unless you are VERY familiar with the bible AND got at least a B in a high school scripture class.”  huh?  I went to public high school so that B grade would never have happened anyways.  I decided to go talk to her after class when everyone had left.  I asked her if these “requirements” were really neccessary because my book totally didn’t say that.  She told me I was wrong, it did say that.  Well, to make a long story short, her tone and body language along with the fact that I had sat through 4.5 hours of straight classes and my blood sugar was dropping led to me loosing my mind.  I started to get upset, decided it was time to leave, and she stopped me when she noticed I was upset.  Cue the waterworks and the biggest emotional break down I’ve had in the longest time!  Ahhh…. the power of stress.

So later that night I decided to scour my universitie’s web site to find some newer catalogs to see if what she was saying was true, or complete BS.  Sure enough, the class after me had a GIANT change to the class description.  “unacquainted” had been changed to “acquainted,” and a big list of the requirements were now listed.  My issue: how can you have so many freaking requirements for a 101 class.  The whole point of the class is to make connections between events in history and the bible and such.  The types of things that are important to the class are more like the things you do in a literature class more than a religion.  Looking back, I really shouldn’t have said anything to her cause she probably wouldn’t have noticed anyways.  I was so worried that I might be in over my head that I just wanted to get a little more info about it from her.  Bad move.  I’m the type of person who likes to get all of my ideas straight before confronting people, and I just didn’t expect her to act the way she did.  Oh well.  I have my second class tomorrow, hopefully things will turn out okay.

Oh… and all the stress probably occured cause I hadn’t knit since the weekend.  Fiber stuff is my stress reliever and there just hasn’t been enough of it.


First Anastasia sock DONE!

27 08 2007

Anastasia sock

First Anastasia sock is DONE DONE DONE! Second one has been cast on.I started school today. I only had one class and it was incredibly boring. He didn’t actually teach anything, but he still managed to talk for over an hour. Hopefully we’ll actually do something on Wednesday and the class won’t be a complete waste of time. Tomorrow I’ve got a full day of classes. Some really hard classes will be thrown in there too. I do have some time to eat both lunch and dinner though so it shouldn’t be too bad.

I like the idea of updating on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but I’m not sure that I can continue with the Knitting on Monday, Crochet on Wednesday and Spinning on Friday thing… cause some of my projects are just BORING.  You’ve seen my candle flame shawl.  It’s the SAME thing the whole way through.  Same for the crocheted afgahn I’m working on.  Oh… and I bet the 2nd Anastasia sock is going to look a lot like the 1st.  😉

I’m going to keep updating on those days, just expect randomness. 

OH!  I decided to see if I can sell my Ashford Traditional.  I’m selling it for pretty much what it’s worth.  About $65 less than a new one.  It’s only 2 years old an in good shape.  It’s not some 20 year old wheel that has sat untouched for years and years and years.  I put it over on craig’s list and figured I’ll wait and see what happens.  If it sells, great, if not then it’s still mine and I can still play with it all I want.

Friday is SPINNING!

24 08 2007


YAY SPINNING! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this spindle… and I LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors of roving. Cherry Tree Hill has some decent roving. It’s no soft luxury fiber, it’s a bit on the “sorta-course” side, but I think it’s going to make some great socks! Since I am doing it on the spindle it’s probably going to be a LONG time before the socks are done but that’s fine with me. I haven’t done too much on the spindle this summer because spindle spinning and the heat drives me batty. For some reason the wheel doesn’t bother me in the summer, probably because my wheel spinning is done at home, where the spindle tends to go “out” with me.


22 08 2007

rippleYAY for CROCHET! I worked on the ripple since I posted Sunday night about it. Guess how much I’ve gotten done since Sunday? 1 whole row! WOO HOO! Maybe more like 1.5 rows cause row number 12 is almost done.


20 08 2007

I’ve been knitting. I’ve been knitting a lot and now I finally have some photos to prove it. 😉

First the Anastasia socks. 

Anastasia Socks

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern so much.  I’m loving the artsy yarn too and seriously regretting not joining the sock yarn club.  I didn’t join because of the yarn/fiber diet.  Something about all the sock yarn clubs really appeal to me.  Maybe if I really get busy with the knitting I’ll be able to join the Socks That Rock one next year.  Or I could just save up my money for the fiber fest next summer.  Maybe THAT’s what I need to do.

I’ve been working on the Candle Flame Shawl quite a bit too and it’s coming along very, very well.  It’s taking FOREVER, but I do enjoy working on it.  This is one of those that I need my little magnetic board for and I don’t think I’ll ever have the whole thing memorized.  Keeps me entertained though. 

Candle Flame Shawl

LOTS of crochet.

19 08 2007

For as little blogging as I’ve done over the past few weeks, I’ve done quite a bit of knitting and crocheting.  I even dug out the spindle tonight and got back to that orange sock yarn I’m going to spindle spin.  I think I’ll spin it on the spindle, but ply it up on the wheel.  I would prefer one or two large skeins of sock yarn instead of 30 baby skeins.  😉

Now for the crochet picture!

popcorn ripple

I love this blanket.  It’s going to be HUGE and that makes me very, very happy.  It’s currently taking almost an hour per row.  Right now I’m only on row number 11.  This is totally a long term project, just like those socks I’m spinning on the spindle.

School starts up again on the 27th so blogging may slow a bit.  Once school starts I’m going to try to update on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Monday will be for knitting, Wednesday for crochet, and Friday for spinning updates.  Hopefully having a set something to update about each day will allow me to post what I’ve been doing yet not bore everyone to tears.  So many of my projects I’m currently working on are long term ones and there’s really nothing horribly exciting to show.

Again… I change the yarn diet…hehe.

15 08 2007

Actually I’m only changing the yarn diet in a small way.  I was looking at the numbers again and since new things have been added which will give me a LOT more points just by spending time knitting and not so much finishing items, I’ve decided to up the ratio to 10:1.  If I count the hours knitting a pair of socks, by the time I was finished I would be able to buy 1 or 2 pairs.  That defeats the purpose of this yarn diet.  The only thing really changed was the ratio.  I’ve got a TON of yarn and fiber, the higher numbers will be good for me.  hehe.

I’ve been crocheting quite a bit lately on the ripple afgahn and I’m not very far at all.  I’m trying to get some of these FOs off the needles, cause there’s just too many things I’m working on right now.