4 08 2007

YAY!  Hehe… this is why I’m glad I’m on a “yarn budget” and not a “yarn diet”… that way I can enter contests where the prize is yarn.  🙂  I entered a contest over a month ago on Bumblefee’s blog and I found out the other day that I guessed the EXACT yardage.  haha…

Oh… and since it is a “yarn budget” and a new month started last Wednesday, the first thing I did on Wednesday was get up and order some roving.  I bought it off of Cavyshops and I can’t wait for it to come.  I got one of the merino/tencel rovings in the Tropical Waters colors.  There’s still one left over at her store.  I think the whole “budget” thing was a good idea.  I can buy the things I want as long as I have the money in my yarn budget.  Truth is I’ve spent TONS of money this past half year on yarn and spinning things.  I really need to cut back my spending so that I can stock my savings account back to where it should be.  That and I’ve got so much yarn, this budget gives me an excuse to use it.  I can still buy sock yarn… I just have to wait 3 months until I have enough to cover the tax and shipping costs…  I can buy some roving… I just have to wait 2 months.  With that kind of wait time, I can actually spin and knit up my stuff quicker than I’m buying it.  I think I’m going to keep this as a constant budget thing.  At least until the savings is built up a little more than it is now.  That means I’ve got 9 months until the Great Lakes Fiber fest.  I better start saving up the budget.




4 responses

4 08 2007

OOOO YAY, congratulations hun….

4 08 2007

Congrats on the win! Proud of you sticking with the YD.

6 08 2007

Congrats on winning – how exciting! The roving is beautiful – I love buying from people on Etsy. Your yarn budget is a good idea – I am trying right now not to buy anything – I have to start using my yarn instead of just stashing!

8 08 2007
Valerie in San Diego

Yay! congrats!

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