Kraftie’s Everchanging Yarn and Fiber Diet!

9 08 2007

Yea… so I’m changing the diet YET again.

I’m a big fan of the Lime N Violet podcast and I’m always on the message boards over there.  Recently they started a Knitwars where you can gain points by knitting, spinning, crocheting, and finishing up your projects.  This little game goes through the chorewars site which I think is just really freaking cool.  So in the Knitwars thing when you do your knitting/spinning/crocheting thing you collect points.  I’m going to start using these points I get as the cash I can spend on my yarn and fiber.  For every 3 points I get I can spend 1 dollar; however, if I want a book I can do a 1 point to 1 dollar type rate.  That way I can buy books and patterns if I need to, but I can’t buy excessive amounts of fiber.

I like this idea a little better than my fiber budget, because with the budget I just have to wait a month or so to buy something.  With this knitwars thing I have to FINISH something and use up what I have before I can buy more.  Which to me sounds like a better idea anyways.  That way if I’m knitting 10 pairs of socks a month, I could replenish the sock yarn stash.




One response

9 08 2007

Since I was there when you were thinking about it. I think its a fantastic idea…Wonder if I could convince husgamer of the sheer brilliancy of this so I could get a wheel;) Actually its my own fault I’m wheel-less I should have asked him.

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