Friday is SPINNING!

24 08 2007


YAY SPINNING! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this spindle… and I LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors of roving. Cherry Tree Hill has some decent roving. It’s no soft luxury fiber, it’s a bit on the “sorta-course” side, but I think it’s going to make some great socks! Since I am doing it on the spindle it’s probably going to be a LONG time before the socks are done but that’s fine with me. I haven’t done too much on the spindle this summer because spindle spinning and the heat drives me batty. For some reason the wheel doesn’t bother me in the summer, probably because my wheel spinning is done at home, where the spindle tends to go “out” with me.




2 responses

24 08 2007

ooooh that’s pretty I want that yarn!!!! MINE!!!

25 08 2007

Gorgeous color! I did some CTH roving in the spring and really loved how it turned out. I didn’t ply it – so I have about 900 yards of singles that I think would make a great lace scarf! I love the color of yours though – just too pretty.

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