29 08 2007

The title says it all.  Started school last Monday.  It was insanely boring on Monday but boredom never killed anyone.  Tuesday was another story.  My first class was at 8 am and I had three 1.5 hour classes in a row with only 15 minutes between each.  My first scary math class went 11 minutes over, leaving only 4 minutes between classes.  Second scary math class got out a few minutes early.  My theology class followed the scary math classes.  I’m in Theology 101.  In that little “course catalog” they gave me when i enrolled it has this 101 class as being the lowest one offered.  It says it’s for those “unacquainted with the Hebrew Scriptures.”  No prerequisites, no NOTHING.  So I showed up to class and the teacher passes out the syllibus and mentions that “you shouldn’t be in this class unless you are VERY familiar with the bible AND got at least a B in a high school scripture class.”  huh?  I went to public high school so that B grade would never have happened anyways.  I decided to go talk to her after class when everyone had left.  I asked her if these “requirements” were really neccessary because my book totally didn’t say that.  She told me I was wrong, it did say that.  Well, to make a long story short, her tone and body language along with the fact that I had sat through 4.5 hours of straight classes and my blood sugar was dropping led to me loosing my mind.  I started to get upset, decided it was time to leave, and she stopped me when she noticed I was upset.  Cue the waterworks and the biggest emotional break down I’ve had in the longest time!  Ahhh…. the power of stress.

So later that night I decided to scour my universitie’s web site to find some newer catalogs to see if what she was saying was true, or complete BS.  Sure enough, the class after me had a GIANT change to the class description.  “unacquainted” had been changed to “acquainted,” and a big list of the requirements were now listed.  My issue: how can you have so many freaking requirements for a 101 class.  The whole point of the class is to make connections between events in history and the bible and such.  The types of things that are important to the class are more like the things you do in a literature class more than a religion.  Looking back, I really shouldn’t have said anything to her cause she probably wouldn’t have noticed anyways.  I was so worried that I might be in over my head that I just wanted to get a little more info about it from her.  Bad move.  I’m the type of person who likes to get all of my ideas straight before confronting people, and I just didn’t expect her to act the way she did.  Oh well.  I have my second class tomorrow, hopefully things will turn out okay.

Oh… and all the stress probably occured cause I hadn’t knit since the weekend.  Fiber stuff is my stress reliever and there just hasn’t been enough of it.




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30 08 2007
Valerie in San Diego

I came home today with pain in my eye, just one of 10,000 recent stress reactions. We TOTALLY NEED TO KNIT!

1 09 2007

ut oh.. I havn’t like knit all week.. except a swatch.. I better get busy before I burst!!! hehehe
Hey … look my kitty is over there on the right!! What a cutie!
He is starting to eat real food too!

1 09 2007

So sorry to hear about your bad day. 😦

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