The only loser who didn’t go to Wine and Wool.

29 09 2007

While reading through my blog feeds tonight I realized something: I was the only person who didn’t go to wine and wool.  ::cries::

I had planned on going, yet when today showed up I opted to stay home and spin rather than dragging myself to Hartville to go to the spin-in.  I wanted to go, but because I haven’t knitted/spun enough of my stash lately there was no “yarn diet money”.  Going and not being able to buy anything would have been hard, but apparently EVERYONE was there, and everyone met the owner of the new yarn shop that will be opening in October here.  I’m excited about this new shop opening.  There is already a LYS in my area, but I just don’t know how I feel about it.  They welcome you when you come in, they’ll help if you ask, but they just don’t seem friendly to me.  The people who work there just seem really stiff.  They stand around with perfect posture and I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen them smile.  Maybe I try to interpret body language too much but that’s just how I am.  The store does have great yarn, but I go to yarn stores for the atmosphere in addition to the yarns.  I go for the yarn people.  So I’ve sworn off that other yarn store.

Well, Denise met the new yarn shop owner at the fiber fest today and said she was really nice.  I hope she’s right.  I want that friendly atmosphere in a yarn shop and hopefully that’s what this new one will be like.  If so, I’m doomed.  😉  The new yarn shop will also be perfect if they carry roving.  I can’t wait till it opens next month.  I need to get some yarn diet money quick so I can test the new store out.  hehe.

anastasia sock.So.. I haven’t showed much of my knitting lately.  I have been working a little here and there on my socks and I’ve also started my sister’s B-Day present… I’ve also already run out of yarn for her B-Day present so I’m headed back to the store tomorrow to get some more.  Hopefully they’ll have the dyelots still.  I only bought the first stuff last weekend so I have a decent chance of getting the right colors.  I’ve got my fingers crossed.  The second Anastasia sock is coming along well and I’m MADLY in love with this artsygal yarn.  Whatever she’s using as her base yarn is amazing.  Her dye job isn’t too shabby either.  😉 


It’s going to be a FUN week.

25 09 2007

That title, complete and utter sarcasam.  I had a decent bit of homework over the weekend but it wasn’t enough to destroy my weekend.  I sat and thought about the massive amounts of handspun I’ve spun up and never knit with and decided I needed to just open up an etsy store for my handspun.  (Actually I saw that Denise bought moo cards and I really wanted some too.  The only way I could justify purchasing moo cards with yarn pictures was if I’m selling handspun.  Genius eh?)  Then while hanging out in a chat room online I was convinced that I NEEDED a store so a store I have.  I haven’t put anything in it yet because I still have a lot of planning and such that I want to do.  I also have some things I want to get before moving forward with the whole “store” thing.

Then school came back to bite me.  I have a test on Thursday.  I have a feeling I’m going to fail this test.  The material is VERY difficult.  So far this year I have yet to finish a homework problem without something being wrong.  Mathematical proofs were never my strong point and this whole class revolves around proofs.  Today in class the teacher told us he would give us the test during class and wanted it back before 4pm.  Sounds great.  Only problem is that I have class pretty much all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I would still have an extra 3 hours after class to work on it before it’s due; however, is it fair that some people get 6 extra hours?  I’m having serious issues with the fairness thing.  Those 3 hours of extra work time happen to fall after I’ve sat through lecture for 3 straight hours.  By the time I’m done I NEED a break to unwind a little because my brain has just gone to mush.  Ah well.

I’ve got a paper due tomorrow, a bunch of impossible geometry homework to work on and this huge test to study for.  Plus I’ve got reading for my other classes.  The next 48 hours until this test is behind me are going to be miserable.  So if you don’t see me online it is safe to assume I’m buried under piles of math books and won’t be back till Friday.  Hope everyone has a great week!  (oh, did I mention I’m insanely far behind on reading my blogs?  Sorry if I haven’t commented much lately, this semester is killing me.)

Bad Blogger.

21 09 2007

I had pictures to post back on Monday.  Guess what, I didn’t post them.  😛

Apparently I’ve decided school should come before my blog (I’m proud of myself for that.  lol).

merino/tencelFirst off I’ve got pictures of the handspun I finished last weekend! It’s the 50% Merino/ 50% Tencel that I bought from cavyshops a few months ago. The colors is Tropical Waters and last time I checked she still had one for sale.  I LOVED this stuff.  The large skein has about 400 yds and the smaller is about 58 yds.  I tried my hardest to cram all 4 oz onto one of my woolee winder bobbins but I was unsuccessful.  So I settled for 2 skeins.  The first skein would totally make a pair of socks or a scarf though, so the second skein could totally be used for corrections or if the yarn from the first skein isn’t quite enough for the project.

lincoln/mohairSo last Wednesday I drove out to meet with some spinners from the Canton Spinner’s and Weavers guild.  Some of the spinners will meet the Wednesday after the guild meetings to hang out and spin.  It was a blast.  I took the orange lincoln/mohair that I bought at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival back in February and started spinning it into a light worsted weight.  At first I really was not in love with it but after plying and skeining it is really starting to grow on me.  It’s a nice fuzzy kind of yarn.  I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with all of it since I’ve got a pound.  I guess I could always make that swap page on my blog that I’ve thought about doing.  Make a list of things I want to swap and things I’m interested in and see what people have to offer.  If not there’s always the little fair that the guild has a table at ever Christmas.  I’m not participating this year, but I could next year if I’ve got that much handspun hanging around.


15 09 2007

merino/tencelI took tons of pictures of the lovely colors while I was spinning over the past week. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors even though there is no pink or red in site. I have a weakness for those reds but I don’t mind cooler colors. Now that my BF fixed the fancy drive uploading them to the computer is so much easier than trying to locate the camera chord (that I’ve never used).

Now for a picture with some lighter blue.
merino/tencelI like this light blue. This is pretty much the last of the bobbin too. I reached the half way point in the spinning and started spinning the second half of the fiber on the second bobbin. I totally can’t wait to get this stuff done. And the good news? I barely have any homework this weekend! I’m pumped. Because I have very little homework today is going to be a day of pure spinning and knitting enjoyment.

I do have a picture of the second bobbin.  I love taking pictures and spinning progress pictures are so much more exciting than knitting ones, especially when the colors change.merino/tencel  Pretty purples with blues sticking out from underneith…mmm. I do like this merino tencel. The more I spin it the more I enjoy it.

The BF broke my computer… AGAIN.

10 09 2007

GUESS WHAT!  I went to the store on Saturday to pick up a bigger surge protector so that I could plug more stuff into my walls and I ened up with a wireless keyboard and mouse as well.  I’m in love with it.  I type fast and I pound the keys pretty hard which annoys the crap out of my sister when she’s trying to sleep in the next room.  She’ll be happy.  This brand new keyboard also has all the letters!  My old one had been used so much that within 2 years a large number of the letters were completely gone.  I asked the BF to come over and “set up my new toys”.  I’m totally capable of plugging the keyboard thingy in but he likes new computer toys so I figured I’d let him do it.  While he was here he managed to break the computer.  AGAIN.  😛

Surprise, Surprise.  Well technically it isn’t TOO broken seeing as I’m still able to get online, write papers and do all that homework stuff that is oh so important.  The part no longer working is the front USB and my Memory Card drive thingy.  Technicall it’s not broken either, just unplugged.  He unplugged it from the computer, then forgot to plug it back in before he left.  If he would have really broken that fancy drive thing that I love he would be in BIG BIG trouble.  😉

I wanted to update today with pictures of the merino/tencel I’m spinning cause the colors are oh so nice, but the pictures are stuck on the camera since I can’t plug the Memory card into my computer.  So just pretend if you’d like.

School is kicking my butt.  I have SOME of my homework done but no matter how hard I work I can never get it ALL done.  I’m starting to think my math profs don’t expect it all to get done.  I think they just want us to spend 4 hours on each problem, then go ask them questions.  Either that or they just get bored during their office hours and want us to come visit.

What else is exciting?  SPINNING GUILD IS MEETING AGAIN!  First meeting (after the summer break) of the Canton Spinners and Weavers is this Wednesday at 6:30.  I’ll be there.  If you’re in the area and interested in coming you totally should.  They’re a really nice group.  Many of them don’t “get” the internet though.  There is a website but it’s not the fanciest and still has last years schedule on it.  GUILD WEBSITE.  If you have any questions about guild stuff feel free to send me an e-mail.  I probably can’t answer it but I can pretend really good!  lol.

Spinnings and a cat bed.

7 09 2007

blankyRemember that giant piece of felt I made? It makes a great cat bed.

As far as knitting and stuff goes I’ve got quite a bit done this week.  I would have updated on Wednesday like I said I would but homework and other junk caught up with me.  I actually took some time out of working on my afgahn to weave it some of those nasty ends!  I figured I should start now so I wouldn’t have 200 ends when I was sick of it at the end.  😉

Oh!  I’ve also started spinning up that merino/tencel blend that I bought from Cavyshops a month or so ago.  It’s shiny.  I like shiny.  Colors are gorgeous.  what you don’t see in the picture is the layer of blue underneith the green.  🙂


3 09 2007

2nd anastasia sock

SOCK!  I’ve done a lot of work on my second Anastasia sock lately.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern and yarn.  I don’t think I can say that enough.

School has been okay.  Last Thursday went much better than Tuesday.  I have a ton of homework already, and it looks like it’s just going to be one of those crazy semesters.  You might be seeing some really short blog posts until Christmas.  That is unless I start stress blogging again.  I tend to blog whenever the stress becomes to much.  😉