1 09 2007

Okay, so I didn’t update yesterday like I said I was going to.  My boyfriend came over, we went to dinner and I just didn’t get around to it. 

BUT!  GloveLook what I’m making!  It’s for one of the girls I tutor with.  She decided she wanted gloves and she found the easiest pattern in the book and fell in love with it.  (YAY!)  In less than an hour I knit ALL of that.  Almost 1/4 of the glove.  I’m using that Sassy Stripes yarn that Moda Dea makes and I just LOVELOVELOVE the colors.  I went to the yarn store to pick up the yarn and I fell in love with acrylic all over again.  They’re my local acrylic dealer.  Acrylic definitely has it’s uses.  It’s great when you don’t need to block things.  Perfect for afgahns, especially baby ones that are just going to get puked on.  Such great colors too.




2 responses

1 09 2007
Valerie in San Diego

These are going to be supercute. I like the side-to-side pattern. Wild.

1 09 2007

Pretty! Nice colors 😉

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