Spinnings and a cat bed.

7 09 2007

blankyRemember that giant piece of felt I made? It makes a great cat bed.

As far as knitting and stuff goes I’ve got quite a bit done this week.  I would have updated on Wednesday like I said I would but homework and other junk caught up with me.  I actually took some time out of working on my afgahn to weave it some of those nasty ends!  I figured I should start now so I wouldn’t have 200 ends when I was sick of it at the end.  😉

Oh!  I’ve also started spinning up that merino/tencel blend that I bought from Cavyshops a month or so ago.  It’s shiny.  I like shiny.  Colors are gorgeous.  what you don’t see in the picture is the layer of blue underneith the green.  🙂




4 responses

7 09 2007

Me likey the greenings.. what other colors are in this fiber? Pink maybe? 😀 Kitty!! Every day I want one, more and more.. but with fowl and rodents in the house.. can’t have a cat. 🙂 Or maybe…

8 09 2007
Valerie in San Diego

aww… your cat is so cute on the felt!!!

I love merino-tencel for the same reason you do. Your yarn is looking lovely. You are such a good spinner!

9 09 2007

The spinning is gorgeous – great color on the green!

10 09 2007

Awh… cute kitty cat. Almost looks like my cat. Mine has more white.

Pretty Green on your wheel. Any plans for knitting?

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