The BF broke my computer… AGAIN.

10 09 2007

GUESS WHAT!  I went to the store on Saturday to pick up a bigger surge protector so that I could plug more stuff into my walls and I ened up with a wireless keyboard and mouse as well.  I’m in love with it.  I type fast and I pound the keys pretty hard which annoys the crap out of my sister when she’s trying to sleep in the next room.  She’ll be happy.  This brand new keyboard also has all the letters!  My old one had been used so much that within 2 years a large number of the letters were completely gone.  I asked the BF to come over and “set up my new toys”.  I’m totally capable of plugging the keyboard thingy in but he likes new computer toys so I figured I’d let him do it.  While he was here he managed to break the computer.  AGAIN.  😛

Surprise, Surprise.  Well technically it isn’t TOO broken seeing as I’m still able to get online, write papers and do all that homework stuff that is oh so important.  The part no longer working is the front USB and my Memory Card drive thingy.  Technicall it’s not broken either, just unplugged.  He unplugged it from the computer, then forgot to plug it back in before he left.  If he would have really broken that fancy drive thing that I love he would be in BIG BIG trouble.  😉

I wanted to update today with pictures of the merino/tencel I’m spinning cause the colors are oh so nice, but the pictures are stuck on the camera since I can’t plug the Memory card into my computer.  So just pretend if you’d like.

School is kicking my butt.  I have SOME of my homework done but no matter how hard I work I can never get it ALL done.  I’m starting to think my math profs don’t expect it all to get done.  I think they just want us to spend 4 hours on each problem, then go ask them questions.  Either that or they just get bored during their office hours and want us to come visit.

What else is exciting?  SPINNING GUILD IS MEETING AGAIN!  First meeting (after the summer break) of the Canton Spinners and Weavers is this Wednesday at 6:30.  I’ll be there.  If you’re in the area and interested in coming you totally should.  They’re a really nice group.  Many of them don’t “get” the internet though.  There is a website but it’s not the fanciest and still has last years schedule on it.  GUILD WEBSITE.  If you have any questions about guild stuff feel free to send me an e-mail.  I probably can’t answer it but I can pretend really good!  lol.




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