15 09 2007

merino/tencelI took tons of pictures of the lovely colors while I was spinning over the past week. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors even though there is no pink or red in site. I have a weakness for those reds but I don’t mind cooler colors. Now that my BF fixed the fancy drive uploading them to the computer is so much easier than trying to locate the camera chord (that I’ve never used).

Now for a picture with some lighter blue.
merino/tencelI like this light blue. This is pretty much the last of the bobbin too. I reached the half way point in the spinning and started spinning the second half of the fiber on the second bobbin. I totally can’t wait to get this stuff done. And the good news? I barely have any homework this weekend! I’m pumped. Because I have very little homework today is going to be a day of pure spinning and knitting enjoyment.

I do have a picture of the second bobbin.  I love taking pictures and spinning progress pictures are so much more exciting than knitting ones, especially when the colors change.merino/tencel  Pretty purples with blues sticking out from underneith…mmm. I do like this merino tencel. The more I spin it the more I enjoy it.



5 responses

15 09 2007

That is really pretty spun up!

15 09 2007

You must be in a “blue” mood. Or it’s “blue moon” spinning. Either way… nicely spun. 🙂

16 09 2007
Mama Turtle


18 09 2007

Very pretty!

2 11 2007

I wanna spin stuff!

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