Bad Blogger.

21 09 2007

I had pictures to post back on Monday.  Guess what, I didn’t post them.  😛

Apparently I’ve decided school should come before my blog (I’m proud of myself for that.  lol).

merino/tencelFirst off I’ve got pictures of the handspun I finished last weekend! It’s the 50% Merino/ 50% Tencel that I bought from cavyshops a few months ago. The colors is Tropical Waters and last time I checked she still had one for sale.  I LOVED this stuff.  The large skein has about 400 yds and the smaller is about 58 yds.  I tried my hardest to cram all 4 oz onto one of my woolee winder bobbins but I was unsuccessful.  So I settled for 2 skeins.  The first skein would totally make a pair of socks or a scarf though, so the second skein could totally be used for corrections or if the yarn from the first skein isn’t quite enough for the project.

lincoln/mohairSo last Wednesday I drove out to meet with some spinners from the Canton Spinner’s and Weavers guild.  Some of the spinners will meet the Wednesday after the guild meetings to hang out and spin.  It was a blast.  I took the orange lincoln/mohair that I bought at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival back in February and started spinning it into a light worsted weight.  At first I really was not in love with it but after plying and skeining it is really starting to grow on me.  It’s a nice fuzzy kind of yarn.  I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with all of it since I’ve got a pound.  I guess I could always make that swap page on my blog that I’ve thought about doing.  Make a list of things I want to swap and things I’m interested in and see what people have to offer.  If not there’s always the little fair that the guild has a table at ever Christmas.  I’m not participating this year, but I could next year if I’ve got that much handspun hanging around.




2 responses

23 09 2007

Gorgeous yarns! The orange is especially beautiful – very nice spinning!

26 09 2007

Beautiful yarns!!!

Good luck with all of your school stuff!

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