The only loser who didn’t go to Wine and Wool.

29 09 2007

While reading through my blog feeds tonight I realized something: I was the only person who didn’t go to wine and wool.  ::cries::

I had planned on going, yet when today showed up I opted to stay home and spin rather than dragging myself to Hartville to go to the spin-in.  I wanted to go, but because I haven’t knitted/spun enough of my stash lately there was no “yarn diet money”.  Going and not being able to buy anything would have been hard, but apparently EVERYONE was there, and everyone met the owner of the new yarn shop that will be opening in October here.  I’m excited about this new shop opening.  There is already a LYS in my area, but I just don’t know how I feel about it.  They welcome you when you come in, they’ll help if you ask, but they just don’t seem friendly to me.  The people who work there just seem really stiff.  They stand around with perfect posture and I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen them smile.  Maybe I try to interpret body language too much but that’s just how I am.  The store does have great yarn, but I go to yarn stores for the atmosphere in addition to the yarns.  I go for the yarn people.  So I’ve sworn off that other yarn store.

Well, Denise met the new yarn shop owner at the fiber fest today and said she was really nice.  I hope she’s right.  I want that friendly atmosphere in a yarn shop and hopefully that’s what this new one will be like.  If so, I’m doomed.  😉  The new yarn shop will also be perfect if they carry roving.  I can’t wait till it opens next month.  I need to get some yarn diet money quick so I can test the new store out.  hehe.

anastasia sock.So.. I haven’t showed much of my knitting lately.  I have been working a little here and there on my socks and I’ve also started my sister’s B-Day present… I’ve also already run out of yarn for her B-Day present so I’m headed back to the store tomorrow to get some more.  Hopefully they’ll have the dyelots still.  I only bought the first stuff last weekend so I have a decent chance of getting the right colors.  I’ve got my fingers crossed.  The second Anastasia sock is coming along well and I’m MADLY in love with this artsygal yarn.  Whatever she’s using as her base yarn is amazing.  Her dye job isn’t too shabby either.  😉 




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30 09 2007

Another artsy junky

30 09 2007

There’s always next year for wine and wool… hopefully. Missed seeing Denise. It was a fun day. Love your sister’s bday present. 😉

30 09 2007
Valerie in San Diego

Oh well.. I didn’t go to Wine & Wool either 😉

San Diego is not exactly the knitting capital of the U.S.. It barely sustains any LYSs, and they mostly stink. One is run by two identical twins, probably in their early 50s, who seem like they came right out of the Stepford Wives. Freaky. I asked them if they were ever going to carry any solid-color sock yarns and they said, “You are just going to have to get used to knitting with these multicolor yarns.” Hunh.

1 10 2007

well I missed the spin in too even though I went.. so don’t feel too badly!

9 10 2007

Those socks look wonderful!

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