Anastasia Socks-FO!

21 10 2007


Finally finished my Anastasia Socks with my Artsygal Superwash Merino Sock yarn.  LOVE the pattern and LOVE the yarn. 🙂

I did make a few changes to the pattern so that it would fit my foot with this specific yarn.  I did my gauge swatched, figured out how many stitches I would need so that it would fit my foot right and just altered the pattern from there.  I cast on 12 stitches to each needle and did Judy’s Magic Cast on.  I increased to 36 stitches per needle and added an extra three knit stitches between the decreases so that I had the right number of stitches. Anastasia socks I stopped 2 inches before the heel and wrapped until there were 12 live stitches in the middle.  After picking up my wrapped stitches at the heel I picked up a few extra on the sides so that I wouldn’t have any holes then decreased them in the next row.  I did the 6 inch cuff and started the ribbing on the inside of the socks.  Because I chose to start the ribbing there I was about half way through one of the decrease/yarn over rows.  I fudged my ribbing and pretty much did whatever I wanted.  It works.  😉

Now for the close-up!  I’m including this cause I like pictures.  hehe.

Also I just think it looks better than my other pictures of the socks.
Anastasia Socks


lonely handspun

15 10 2007

I finally did it.  I finally went and listed the one skein of handspun in that etsy store I created a few weeks ago.

It will sit there all by itself until I make more, or someone buys it.  Whichever comes first. 

The last time you saw my sock…

15 10 2007

Anastasia SockJust a few weeks ago at my last update I was just finishing up the heel.  Now, I’m making some great progress up the leg and I should be at the cuff in no time!  I consider this some great progress seeing as how my only yarn time has been when I’ve got a few minutes to kill at school.

All of my yarn/fiber time at home has gone to the spinning job I have.  I’ve got to have some stuff done this month and between that and school you know the story of my life.  😉  Boring eh?

Oh!  I’ve got the moo cards I ordered and now have every last thing I need in order to destash some of the handspun st ash on etsy.  I’ve gone through some of my handspun stash and I’m not sure I want to part with some of it.  I’m planning on keeping the stuff that was gifted to me during SP8 and SP10, but the rest I’m keeping because it isn’t the type of quality I would want to sell.  Soooooo… I’ve got one skein I could part with, but do I really want to put up one skein all by itself?  I’ve had some people tell me “sure, go for it” and others tell me to “wait till I have more”.  As busy as I am now it might be ages till I have TONS of stuff to put up… especially since I’m doing it more as a hobby and not a business.  Any opinions?

School was chaotic lately which is why I’ve been so  slow with posting.  It’s midterm time and I’m almost done with them.  I have one last one this Thursday and it is one I’m concerned about.  It’s the first test I’ve had for this class and it’s a subject that I’m not too sure of.  I’ve done well on the pop quiz, I think I’m doing okay in class discussion and my first reflection paper was better than I expected… so I’m not “too” nervous about the test, but it’s still something I need to concentrate on.  I’ll be back with an update this weekend if there’s anything worth updating.  😉