Garter St. Gloves

30 11 2007

Well… those garter stitch gloves I showed pictures of ages ago are done.  They really didn’t take any time at all to knit.  I just had a hard time finding the time to work on them!
garter st. glovesPattern: Garter St Gloves from Pattons #406 Gloves and Mitts.  It’s a really cute book, and I really reccommend it.

Yarn:  Moda Dea Sassy Stripes in color Crush.

Modifications:  I just made the thumbs a few rows wider cause they were on the small side with the gauge I got.

It’s so nice to have a finished object.  It’s been awhile since I’ve had something of a decent size finished.  Now for my next FO I’m going to try to complete my sisters Birthday present!  Too bad her Birthday was October 22nd.  I’m a little behind but I think I’m pretty close to being finished.  😉


Vacation Knitting and b-day presents.

25 11 2007

So a decent bit of exciting-ness has happened in the last 10 days since I’ve posted.  Mostly my birthday and we traveled down to South Carolina to visit family for the holidays.

My birthday fell on the day before Thanksgiving this year, and since I wouldn’t see the BF on my birthday, he gave me my gift last Saturday.CMF roving.

Roving!  To be more specific it’s Crown Mountain Farm’s Superwash Merino roving.  In fact these are two of the colors that were discontinued back in October (or was it September?) when Teyani hurt her hand and had to stop dyeing.  Apparently I looked at the website enough when my BF was around that he decided it would make a good b-day gift.  The color on the left is Pink Cadillac and the one on the right is Wild Thing.  I totally can’t wait to spin this up and yes.. I’m totally keeping him forever. 

mp3 player cozyAs far as knitting goes I spent 10 hours in the car on my b-day while we drove to SC.  Unfortunately it was dark for some of those hours and one can only knit so long before their brain explodes.  I knit some on vacation.  I started and finished a cozy for my mp3 player. 

Yarn: Moda Dea Sassy Stripes in Crush. (Left overs from the garter st. gloves)

Pattern: Cast on 30 stitches using Judy’s Magic Cast on.  Knit in the round for awhile, throw in some patterning to make things exciting, cast off.

welt fantasticI worked on my opal sock quite a bit too.  I’ve finished the leg, and even finished the heel.  I was hoping to get the sock completely finished, but I decided that I should probably work on my homework as well.  We only had two days of class before break, and going into those two days of class I knew I had a project that would be due this coming Wednesday.  THAT project was what I was going to work on during break.  I enjoy my homework for seminar and all the homework for that class has been pretty easy so far.  Well in the two days before break I had another problem assigned for one of my hard math classes, and a paper assigned for the other hard math class.  Ugh.

Still… shouldn’t be too bad.  I took my math homework with me on vacation and decided to do the stuff for seminar first.  I spent a whole day working on it and haven’t finished ANYTHING.  Sooooooo now you guys know why I won’t be around at all this week.  I’ve got 4 project/papers/homework things due this week… looks like I’ll be back NEXT weekend if I survive.  😉

Stupid socks…

11 11 2007

Regia EcruYou may remember a recent post where I showed my dispair over noticing that the second Regia Ecru sock was off in gauge by a whole half inch.  The second sock was ripped and started again… and again… and again… and again… and again… and after that… I decided it was a sign.  I put off frogging till the weekend and really, it was completely painless.  Socks have been frogged, skeins and after being washed will be thrown back to the stash monster.  Perhaps this will be the end of my sock woes and the sock mojo will come flying back.

What to do?  Well of course I casted on more socks.  All my current projects are getting quite large and I needed something to cram under the table in my math class.  😉

This time I’ve casted on with the new opal yarn I bought.  Opal Zirkus in color 2002.  I love this color.  My individual skein seems to be much lighter than the pictures I’ve seen of color 2002 on the Opal website.  The pattern?  Welt Fantastic outta Sensational Knitted socks.  I love love love the finished objects I’ve seen of this pattern on Ravelry.  They were all gorgeous.

I’ve got my fingers crossed… hopefully these will fit well.  They seem kinda big, but I did do a swatch and did measure my foot.  So we’ll just have to see.  🙂
Welt Fantastic


9 11 2007

I gots yarn.

opal and lisa souza

The purple and green in the back is the LimeNViolet colorway of Sock! from Lisa Souza.  Someone I met on ravelry came to one of our SnBs at Panera a few weeks ago and a swap was formed.  She got 4oz of roving, and I came home with that yarn.  It is purdy.  🙂

The one in front is Opal Zirkus 2002 (2002 is the color) and I got it while exploring the BRAND NEW LYS.  Lovely little shop.  The name of it is Yarnia Yarn Shop and Cafe.  It’s located in Canton, OH and it just opened at the end of October.  Lots of sock yarn and other yarns as well.  Really great lighting which makes me VERY happy.  It’s really a cute store, so if you’re in the area you should check it out.

Oh.. and that skein of yarn I bought I was *allowed* to buy cause I had enough points for it.

However, since my birthday is coming up, I may be making another purchase in the near future.  It all depends on if the store has what I want when my friend goes.  😉


2 11 2007

I started the 2nd Ecru sock that I had been putting off for awhile last Saturday.  I’ve been working away on it during breaks at school this week and am half way to the heel!

Put there’s a problem.


See it?

No.  It’s not the stripes…  I could care less if my socks don’t match.  I thin it gives them character.  The problem: my gauge.  I’m half a stitch off.  ugh.  This half a stitch does make a big difference seeing as how it makes the sock a half inch less around.

So.  I’m off to rip it out, cast on again and try to “loosen up.”  I need to stop knitting soooo tightly.