2 11 2007

I started the 2nd Ecru sock that I had been putting off for awhile last Saturday.  I’ve been working away on it during breaks at school this week and am half way to the heel!

Put there’s a problem.


See it?

No.  It’s not the stripes…  I could care less if my socks don’t match.  I thin it gives them character.  The problem: my gauge.  I’m half a stitch off.  ugh.  This half a stitch does make a big difference seeing as how it makes the sock a half inch less around.

So.  I’m off to rip it out, cast on again and try to “loosen up.”  I need to stop knitting soooo tightly.




4 responses

3 11 2007

Pretty socks!

5 11 2007

Well they look pretty anyways. 🙂

7 11 2007
Valerie in San Diego

Awww… I think you and I need to trade tension! I’m too loose!

7 11 2007

Ugh I think I’m having that same problem right now… since it’s finally cold outside I’ve been knitting much tighter than before. They are cute socks, though!

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