9 11 2007

I gots yarn.

opal and lisa souza

The purple and green in the back is the LimeNViolet colorway of Sock! from Lisa Souza.  Someone I met on ravelry came to one of our SnBs at Panera a few weeks ago and a swap was formed.  She got 4oz of roving, and I came home with that yarn.  It is purdy.  🙂

The one in front is Opal Zirkus 2002 (2002 is the color) and I got it while exploring the BRAND NEW LYS.  Lovely little shop.  The name of it is Yarnia Yarn Shop and Cafe.  It’s located in Canton, OH and it just opened at the end of October.  Lots of sock yarn and other yarns as well.  Really great lighting which makes me VERY happy.  It’s really a cute store, so if you’re in the area you should check it out.

Oh.. and that skein of yarn I bought I was *allowed* to buy cause I had enough points for it.

However, since my birthday is coming up, I may be making another purchase in the near future.  It all depends on if the store has what I want when my friend goes.  😉




2 responses

11 11 2007

The Lisa Souza is very nice – great colors! Love the Opal – and how nice for you that you have a nice LYS close to you…

14 11 2007

Ooooh a new yarn store in the area??? I may have to take a road trip down there….

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