Stupid socks…

11 11 2007

Regia EcruYou may remember a recent post where I showed my dispair over noticing that the second Regia Ecru sock was off in gauge by a whole half inch.  The second sock was ripped and started again… and again… and again… and again… and again… and after that… I decided it was a sign.  I put off frogging till the weekend and really, it was completely painless.  Socks have been frogged, skeins and after being washed will be thrown back to the stash monster.  Perhaps this will be the end of my sock woes and the sock mojo will come flying back.

What to do?  Well of course I casted on more socks.  All my current projects are getting quite large and I needed something to cram under the table in my math class.  😉

This time I’ve casted on with the new opal yarn I bought.  Opal Zirkus in color 2002.  I love this color.  My individual skein seems to be much lighter than the pictures I’ve seen of color 2002 on the Opal website.  The pattern?  Welt Fantastic outta Sensational Knitted socks.  I love love love the finished objects I’ve seen of this pattern on Ravelry.  They were all gorgeous.

I’ve got my fingers crossed… hopefully these will fit well.  They seem kinda big, but I did do a swatch and did measure my foot.  So we’ll just have to see.  🙂
Welt Fantastic




One response

12 11 2007

Sometimes you just have to throw the yarn back into the stash! The new socks look great…what pattern are you using?

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