Happy New Years EVE!!

31 12 2007

Happy New Years EVE everybody!

So in honor of the new year let’s reflect on the resolutions I made last year:

1. Get yarn down to two bins by September (That was a goal I set last September. I don’t think it’s going to happen but I’m going to try the best I can. As long as the stash goes down a little, I’ll consider it an accomplishment.)   This whole Knit from the stash 2007 should really help with that though. HAHAHA!  In fact my stash has probably increased.  I tried.  I did the whole “knit from your stash 2007” thing and you know what, sock yarn and roving were exceptions… exceptions that I LOVED.  That’s probably why the whole yarn diet thing didn’t work.  🙂

2. Participate in the KALs that I sign up for. Or at least as much as I can seeing as how college tends to get in the way of my fun. Stupid school work.  I started off good, did it once or twice, then started spinning like crazy and watched my knitting time disappear.

3. Start Christmas presents early (maybe summer), and don’t make things where I have to worry about peoples sizes. (aka. DON’T TRY TO KNIT EVERYONE SOCKS. Scarves are good, possibly some stuff knit out of handspun.)  Did the vegan fox scarf for my sister’s birthday.  Other than that there was no x-mas knitting.4.  Knit with my handspun.  It will not melt if I try to work with it….. I should not be so afraid of it… really.  Hehe… didn’t do that either.  I was planning on knitting with some of it, but it just never happened.Yup… I didn’t really do any of them like I had planed on.So now to make some goals for 2008!

  • I will use up more yarn than I bring in.  I’m measuring this by weight since a lot of my acrylic doesn’t have yardages listed.  I’ve made a very detailed spreadsheet of all the stuff in my stash including the acrylic!  I even got rid of 3 of those plastic grocery bags full of acrylic.  I’m not going to say that I won’t buy yarn, because I’m sure I will, I just don’t want to have MORE next January than I do now.
  • I’m going to eat healthier and get more active this year.  Not so much a “I will loose weight” goal but a “I’m going to get healthy” goal.
  • I’m going to save money.  I don’t make tons with work and I have a scary amount of yarn.  So really knitting up the stuff I already have means less money spent on yarn.

Now for pictures of the scary yarn and fiber stash!  Pictures that will hopefully keep me from buying more this year.

Acrylic! AHH!  Funny thing is some of the stuff in that picture I actually decided to get rid of after taking the picture.  So the fun fur is gone, the pinkish/purple yarn ball is also gone and the blue one by it also left.  🙂

Here is the acrylic baby yarn stash.  Mr. Oreo decided he was going to jump into the photo and since he wasn’t blocking anything I let him stay.  Really it’s not tons.  The stuff that looks really old on the right side is stuff that belonged to my great aunt who died before I was born and that stuff I’m always keeping.

One picture of the natural fibers yarn stash.  AKA non-acrylic. 

2nd picture of non-acrylic yarn.  🙂

Last picture of non-acrylic yarn.  As you can see I couldn’t fit it all in one picture.  Yea… the last picture is mostly handspun… handspun that I haven’t knit with yet.  😛

Now for the fiber stash!  This one did not need 3 pictures… it only needed 2. 

Picture number 1.

Picture number 2.  Now I’m going to go take all these lovely pictures of mine and make a background for my computer that way I can see my stash at ALL HOURS OF THE DAY!  🙂


Some knitting.

24 12 2007


I’ve been doing some knitting lately, as you can see in the picture above.  I did cast on my sweater, and I’ve gotten pretty far.  I’m already done with the first skein of yarn and I’m about 4 inches away from being done with the raglan increases.  🙂

So far I’m liking this sweater.  My gauge is still on which is good.  Hopefully it’s going to be the right size and will look good when done.  I do plan on trying it on as I go.. but I really feel like I need to get to the arm holes so that I have something to cram on my body.  I will say though that I am a bit nervous about it.  I’m hoping it’s going to be a good size, but since it’s all bunched up on my circular knitting needle it’s hard to gauge how big it really is.  Oh well.. I’ll have a little faith.  I’ve done so much ripping lately I really hope this isn’t going to have to be frogged as well.

Oh… and I did survive this past semester.  All the grades were good and now I just have two more semesters of classes and one semester of student teaching.  Scary how quick time’s flying but it’s a good thing.  It’ll be nice to get out of school, get a real job and get one with the rest of my life. 🙂

It’s been awhile… but I have an FO!

11 12 2007

Okay… So I did survive finals week, then I spent lots of time doing absolutely nothing. 🙂

The Sunday night before finals I was working away on the Welt Fantastic socks while studying and I decided to see if I could put it on… nope. Couldn’t get it over my heel. Oops.

DSC02046I KNEW one inch into this sock that it was going to be close…. two inches in, I knew there was NO way… but I gave it the benefit of the doubt. I measured my foot, swatched, followed the pattern. So when I got home that night I frogged it and started another pair of socks. I can’t study for finals without something to do. So I cast on the Widdershins pattern from knitty. I’m doing two socks on two circs and these WILL FIT!

DSC02045I also recently started a scarf for one of the girls I tutor. Nice, semi-easy pattern on size 6 needles.

I had my last final on Thursday morning and so when I got up on Friday the first thing I did was go to Yarnia and buy yarn to make a sweater. Yea… okay… so it wasn’t exactly allowed cause of my yarn diet; however, I had two gift cards from Yarnia for my birthday so I figured instead of buying two pairs of sock yarn… I’ll spend a little of my own money and get enough yarn for a sweater! So I did. DSC02037The pattern I picked is Essential Stripe and called for something like 1500 yards so I figured 7 skeins of Cascade 220 is 1550 yards, I’ll get an extra skein to me safe. So I got a bunch of yarn, and I have the feeling I’m going to have 1-2 skeins left over, but that’s okay. I can always find something else to make out of it when I’m done. It’s pretty yarn, and I’m glad I bought enough seeing as how the rest of that color sold out the next day after I bought my yarn.

Oh! And now for the FO! I finally finished my sister’s Birthday gift today. I was supposed to have it done back in October, but you know how school ruins your life. 😉
It’s the Vegan Scarf pattern from knitty. I used TLC Heathers, Patons Allure and Patons ChaCha for the yarns. I basically just followed the pattern. It wasn’t too bad, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a first time project. Definitely lots of sewing things involved. All the extra little details are over on my ravelry account for those of you who are interested.