January 1st!

1 01 2008

Happy 2008 everybody!

Now to start on those resolutions.

The most interesting one to blog about is the yarn stash reduction!  Currently in the stash I have 22,217 grams, or about 49 pounds, of yarn.  That includes all my handspun, all my sock yarn and my mounds of acrylic.  As far as the fiber stash goes, it currently contains 197.3 oz or 12.3 pounds.  That’s a scary amount of yarn things.

So take note in those numbers!  I’ll be back with updates on them as I finish thing and move yarn out of the stash.  🙂  I already have tons of project ideas in mind, now I’ll just have to find the time to complete them.

ETA:  I noticed while adding some new handspun to my spreadsheet today that apparently I had one skein that was at the bottom of my list!  Where the yardages and weight weren’t being counted.  So I updated my numbers.  🙂

ETA2:  While looking over the spreadsheet today I found that I had more yarn down than I truely had in my stash!  So I fixed my typo.  🙂




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