Sweater Update. :P

7 01 2008

dsc02049You may remember this picture from my post back on December 24th where I gushed about my sweater and how great it was coming along and how I my only real fear was that it wouldn’t fit.  Looking back I found at least one spelling error so it’s definitely a typical post.  😛

Well a few days later I put that sweater onto a piece of scrap yarn, threw it around my shoulders and fell IN LOVE.  I kept on knitting and was just two inches away from the arm holes!  Exciting, exciting!  So as I was sitting there working I was repeating the directions over and over in my head.  This is something I tend to do quite often so I don’t forget anything important…  Then it hit me.  “Increase every 8 rows until you have 11 stitches on both ends… yada yada yada…”  8 rows… 8 rows… wait…  8 rows?  Huh… I bet they’re counting the RS and the WS rows…. Wait.. why am I only counting the right side rows?!?!?  Oh @$#*@&!

Yup… instead of increasing every 8 rows, I had been increasing every 16.  Oops.  I was 1.5 skeins into the sweater and 2 inches from my arms!  There was much frogging.  Thankfully I was at the BF’s so all I had to do was wind the yarn back into a ball while he destroyed my sweater for me.  He enjoys that very much and it saves me the pain of having to do it myself.  This was the 3rd project in a row that I had to destroy.  Oh.. was I angry.  And for a few minutes I gave up hope on ever getting this sweater done this winter.  Keep in mind it’s already January, and was a whopping 60 some degrees today so there isn’t much hope anyways… but STILL!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargggggggggghhhhhh…  It definitely wasn’t a happy moment.
My Sweater!

Well, I cast that sweater back on the same night that the frogging happened and it took me awhile but I’m finally back into the swing of things.  I started classes today and I did find some time during my breaks to pull it out and knit a few rows.

Hopefully I’ll get some sort of knitting project finished this month that way my New Year’s Goals will be right on track.  But really as long as no new yarn comes in, it doesn’t really matter if there isn’t much that leaves the stash.  The important thing is that I’m knitting.  The other New Year’s Goals are still going strong as well.  I have yet to spend a SCARY amount of money, and so far the weight loss is happening although it’s happening gradually.  But gradually is good when it comes to big tasks like that.  And heck, if I’m lucky and this weight loss is successful, I won’t be able to wear the sweater next year anyways.  I better get knitting.




2 responses

8 01 2008

that’s just painful…
Could be worse tho, you could have been almost done with the sleeves like that cardi I did/

17 01 2008

Coming along nicely!

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