11 01 2008

Yea, so I’ve still been plugging away at the sweater.  Can’t say very much is getting done since school has started back in full force.  Although there hasn’t been tons of homework, there has been tons of reading which I guess is homework too.  All that work means not so much of the fiber fun.  Yesterday though I did sit at the wheel and push another bobbin of that orange lincoln/mohair blend off of it so that I could get started on some work spinning that showed up in the mail yesterday.  (The work spinning is probably the reason you haven’t seen much knitting since last March.)

Picture of BOTH skeins of the orange stuff that got completed this month.  The one of the right I finished back around the 1st of the month and the other was finished yesterday.  I’m still debating about what I want to do with these.  Part of me wants to throw them in my etsy shop and just get them out of the stash now, but another part of me wants to keep them until November for the guild booth at a local craft/art sale.  I wasn’t able to participate in the guild sale last year because I just didn’t have anything that I felt was quality enough to really sell, and this year I REALLY want to participate.  So I think they’ll be in the stash for a few months while I collect up some handspun.  Worse comes to worse if it doesn’t sell at the guild table I’ll throw it into etsy and open the yarn up to the masses of the internet.

Also in the exiting mail of yesterday I got my KNITPICKS ORDER!

I know… I was really excited.  😉
DSC02119Apparently I live under a rock and didn’t know that Knitpicks sold bigger chords than the ones that came with the options set.  So I was sitting around COMPLAINING about two weeks ago about this fact that they *only* had up to the 38 inch and someone pointed out the fact that they went up to a 60 inch.  😛

First I thought she had NO idea what I was talking about, but upon everyone else in the chat room agreeing with her and me going to over to the KnitPicks site I discovered that they did in fact have MORE sizes!  I can’t tell you how excited I was.  So of course I got one set of each of the larger sizes and was then shocked to realize that each pack contained two chord thingies!  (Note:  If I would have actually READ the site I would have known that each contained two, but apparently I cannot read when I’m not in school.)




3 responses

11 01 2008

I didn’t know knitpicks sold longer lengths, either! Crazy, that…

beautiful handspun, too, btw.

14 01 2008

Beautiful spinning!

17 01 2008

Beautiful spinning! Knit Picks Rocks! 🙂

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