14 01 2008

School has been busy as usual. I did however get lots of knitting done at the basketball game last Saturday, but the knitting did stop once the girl behind me asked, “hey… is that Lebron James over there?”  huh.. guess so… does look like him.

So the rest of the game was spent talking to the two girls behind me, making stupid jokes, and comparing our cell phones. 🙂 It was quite entertaining.  And hey, the girl next to me is in the prayer shawl ministry group that started last semester so we had fun talking yarn for a bit.  Over all fun times and much knitting… can’t beat that.

criss cross scarf.

Obligatory picture of scarf progress after game.

That is all.

OH WAIT!  I do have something else to say.  I’m a huge Jane Austen fan… and I’m sure I’ve mentioned that somewhere on here before.  I’ve listed to all the books on tape cause I just can’t put down my yarn and fiber long enough to pick up a book and exercise my eyes.  But anyways, I’ve never seen any of the movies they made about the books except for the most recent P&P.  WELL!  PBS is doing the Masterpiece Series thing on the Jane Austen movies right now.  DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!?!?!  It means that practically EVERY Sunday until some time in April there’s a different Jane Austen movie on!  Persuasion was on last night and I went running to the TV about 2 minutes before it was going to start.  Didn’t take any knitting cause I was planning on grabbing a quick snack.  I figured I’d run back at the first commercial break and grab my wheel or the sweater… well… there were ZERO commercials.  So there was no yarn with my Jane Austen.  Ohhh well… I’ll be better prepared for next week.  The lovely thing about this is now I know what Jane Austen movies I need to add to my wish list. 😉

Oh.. in other exciting news… I took my Praxis II test last Saturday morning.  YAY MATH!  Overall I don’t think it went *too* horrible.  I know my score isn’t going to be perfect, but upon doing some research into the scoring of that test yesterday made me feel MUCH better about it.  Turns out my particular test has a point range of 100-200 and I only need a 139.  Doesn’t seem bad when the minimum is 100 and the max is 200.  The real trick is not going crazy until I get my scores in a month. 😛




4 responses

17 01 2008

Nice knits! Hoorah for the Jane Austen Series. They could not of picked a better time to run the series.

21 01 2008

love the scarf and good job on the Praxis II – i’ll be crossing my fingers for you!

21 01 2008

Woo Hoo! Yes, I watched PBS Northanger Abbey last night. Good I thought. I’m glad you blogged about it or else it may of escaped me. I feel guilty though, watching, not having contributed to the PBS cause. They do have great programming. 😉

29 01 2008

Knitting at basketball game? Hurrah for knitting in public. Sometimes I quietly pull my needles out then others in a room will follow.

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