busy Busy BUSY!

19 02 2008

I feel like that’s the title of every post nowadays?  Life is crazy.  What else is there to say?

Well first news first… I PASSED MY PRAXIS II!  Well, I passed the first test, which was the Mathematical Content one.  This means that I’ll be able to start my student teaching without a problem next year.  Always good news.  Especially since that test costs like $80 plus their $50 registration fee.  Now I have one more to take and pass before I can get a liscense to teach.  The plan right now is to take the one in the middle of summer so that I have plenty of time to go back through all my old notes and study.


What’s going on with my knitting?  Same old, same old.

As you can see the sweater is coming along.  I’ve gotten all my neckline issues fixed, it’s been joined in the round and I’m only about an inch from slipping stitches off for the sleeves!  WOOHOO!

It really isn’t taking long to knit at all.  Just takes a long time when you screw up the pattern. 😛  If I didn’t have homework stuff getting in my way all the time, this thing would have totally been done by now.  Oh well… guess homework should come first huh?

In other news I’ve got a picture to show you all of the prayer shawl that I started back last November.  Shocking that I started something and didn’t post about it huh?  I’m sure somewhere I had planned on talking about it, but then school probably got in the way which caused me to just neglect blogging.  hehe.prayer shawl

It’s red heart.  It’s garter stitch.  I love it.

Pattern is a cake walk.  I think it’s one I found searching ravelry for free shawl patterns, and the word “scrap” in the name just caught my attention and stuck.  It’s for charity, so I figured Red Heart is good and washable.  Also because it’s in garter there is really no worries about it curling.  Which is always good.  When I’m giving gifts I like to make them as easy to care for as possible, especially when you don’t know who the recipient will be.

This last picture I took awhile ago.  I was sitting in the living room spinning, and I like watching the birds out the window on the feeder while I spin.  This is the squirrel proof feeder we got our mother for Christmas.  As you can see it isn’t so squirrel proof.  Either that or the little things are getting SMART.  😉

As you can see the little thing is sitting on the branch of the tree.  He then reached out, grabbed the birdfeeder by the little foot stand thingies, and PULLED it towards him!




4 responses

19 02 2008


20 02 2008

Yip Yip Hooray! Congrats… you’re on your way!!! Happy for You! 🙂

Nice knitting there. Can’t wait to see the finish!

20 02 2008


Love the pic of the devious squirrel!

25 02 2008

congrats on passing the praxis!!!

love the squirrel…those critters are quite resourceful lol

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