March yarn update!

8 03 2008

Well it’s the first of the month!  Or well… past the first of the month but I’ve been busy so I’m just finally getting around to giving you my current yarn stash update!

22461 g currently in the yarn stash!  (+103 grams this year which is down 2 grams from last month!)

197.3 oz of fiber in the fiber stash.  (Hasn’t changed yet this year)

Last month I said the increase in yarn stash was from the fact that I had spun some stuff from my fiber stash but didn’t take it outta the fiber stash since there’s so much left it’s just hard to measure.  Well this past month… the was a yarn purchase.

Trekking 126

TA DAAAAAAAAAA! I’ve been searching for this yarn for awhile, but well, they stopped making it. Bummer right? The stuff is gorgeous, I’m not sure what they were thinking when they discontinued it. Well, to make a long story short, someone on ravelry put it up for sale, and a friend of mine who knows I was searching for it contacted her telling her that I might be interested. So yea. I bought it. Because although I didn’t *need* it, it’s something they’re not making anymore. So that added 100g to my yarn stash this month.

However, 102g was removed when I finished the criss cross scarf! So far then I’ve used up a total of 2g from my stash! Pathetic eh? hehe.

Criss Cross Scarf

This was made with a pattern from one of my books The Encyclopedia of Knitting. I did change the pattern a bit. Basically I changed it so that it was garter and I didn’t have to mess with stockinette. Wasn’t much of a change.

The yarn used was Sassy Stripes by Moda Dea in the color Crush. If it looks familiar it’s because I have made many, many things out of this same color of Moda Dea. The scarf is for one of the girls I tutor and I think she’s trying to make an entire ensamble out of it.

Here’s a close up of the stitch pattern for ya.
Criss Cross Scarf