Finally back in the Blog World.

29 04 2008

Well, life has been hectic, but the semester is over!  FREEDOM!
So what have I been doing since I’ve been out?  Spinning.

I noticed recently that spinning is taking over my life, and I love it.  🙂  Knitting and crochet still happen, but those are things I tend to take with me when I’m out and about.  So much easier to haul around than a spinning wheel.  Now for the pictures!

CTH handspun

The CTH I was spinning is finally finished!  There are 3 larger skeins, and two little tiny ones.  This picture was taken before I washed it which it has so much bounce still in it.  I love spinning and plying tightly because it gives such a nice squishy quality to the yarn.  After I washed it the yarn did calm down a bit, and right now it’s hanging in the bathroom drying.  This will probably be going up in my etsy shop after it’s dry and I can get some better pictures.  As much as I love the colors and the texture of the yarn, the original purpose of making socks for my sister just won’t work with this yarn.  My sister needs something superwash, because she is the queen at felting socks.  And it’s not that she felts them while washing them, she felts them while wearing them on her feet.

The Lincoln/Mohair blend that I bought back in early 2007 is almost done as well! I finished up those three skeins yesterday, and theres only a small bit of fiber left! If you enlarged the CTH picture any, you might have seen the little bits of fiber all over it. Yea, apparently this lincoln/mohair REALLY sheds.  The whole shedding thing is really driving me crazy, as I’m sure you can all imagine.  The good thing though is that the random bits of fluff are all on the outside of the yarn, it’s not like they’ve been spun in with it.  So it will be very easy to remove later.

And now for one last picture. My new knitting/fiber basket:
Roving/Project Basket

I love having a basket to carry around with me. 🙂

Well that’s all for now. Hopefully I’ll be back more often with updates and more substance to my posts.