Yarn Update!

1 06 2008

Well, it’s the first of June so I think it’s tie to take a look at that whole “decrease” the stash goal and see how things are going.

Current yarn in the stash: 24148 grams (+1790 grams for the year)
Current fiber in the stash: 340.9 ounces (+143.6 ounces for the year)

If you add those up, the yarn stash is 4lbs higher than what it was in January, and the fibers stash is up almost 9lbs.  And to think, last month I was excited that the yarn stash was actually DOWN for the year!  Oops??

So… think I can get the stash back down?  Really, it *might* be possible.  The giant yarn increase is due mostly to yarn I bought for a baby blanket.  I’ve already started that blanket and have already used up 1 of those skeins.  So a big chuck of that will drop off when the blanket is finished.  The fiber stash had such a big jump mostly cause of the fleece that was purchased at the GLFS.  Even washing the fleece will probably drop it’s numbers since the lanolin seems to weigh so much.  We’ll see if I can do it.

No more yarn buying for me for the rest of the year, unless I can get this stash back to where it *should* be.




One response

1 06 2008
Valerie in San Diego

Heh heh… I don’t even want to think how naughty I’ve been. Of course, I’m not trying to yarn diet, but still… very scary.

At least you’re still knittin’ and spinnin’!

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