Spin Spin Spin!

2 06 2008

Remember the roving I bought on Memorial Day weekend and the Great Lakes Fiber Show?  I’ve started spinning the greenish one that I got from Creatively Dyed.

 Creatively Dyed

Technically, I started spinning it late Monday night or well…  Tuesday morning.  I kept meaning to take a picture, but it was something I never got around to doing.  The colors, I like them a lot, but they’re not really me and I have no idea how they’re going to knit up.  My sister on the other hand, LOVES them, which is good since I did buy the roving with her in mind.

 Creatively Dyed

These two skeins were actually finished several days ago, but I started new projects and somewhat abandoned the finishing of the handspun.  But I did pick it back up with a vengence today and hope to finish it tonight, possibly tomorrow so that I can get it washed and make some socks for the sister’s birthday.  (Note: Her B-day is in October!  I’m totally ahead of the game for once.)




4 responses

2 06 2008

Gorgeous yarn!

2 06 2008

I want to spin like you do when I grow up.

6 06 2008

So pretty!

9 06 2008

Wow I love the color! What were your plans for it? Cannot wait to see your FO.

(Amanda’s Weekly Zen)

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