25 07 2008

Yea, it’s been a little while since I’ve updated.  I have so many times where I get ready to post, so I rush around to photograph all the new things I’ve started and finished.  Then I discover the camera batteries have died.  So by the time they charge up again, I’m busy and just don’t update. haha.

Well I’ve decided that today I NEED to update.  The reason I feel such a desire is most likely because of the fact that I have my Praxis II PLT test tomorrow that I really don’t feel like studying for.  haha.  But anyways!  On with yarn pics!!!

Purple Fleece
I finally started dyeing up some of my fleece. This is it after 2 runs through the crockpot. It just wasn’t dark enough after the first time through. Really I would like it even darker than it is currently, but it doesn’t look too light when spun up. I’m having SO much fun carding and spinning this fleece. It’s not the softest of soft but it will make a good hard wearing sock I think. 🙂

There was also some stash enhancement. These were bought for the purpose of making Nanner Socks. I was planning to cast them on the second I finished the monkey socks but another pair of socks was started as well. I was just feeling like I had too many WIPs to start yet another pair of socks.
Nanner Yarn!

Heck… there was even more stash enhancement when I noticed that Crown Mountain Farms was having a sale! Their superwash merino is being sold for $16 rather than the usual $20! That’s a great price for handdyed merino. So I might have bought a few. I’ll take a picture when I get a chance. 😉

I also finished spinning up my June Spunky Fiber Club shipment. I’m thinking it’s going to be a nice lacy scarf or something. 🙂
Spunky Club June 2008

And that’s it as far as yarn things. I’ve got some FOs and some new WIPs, but I think I’ll save those for another post. I plan on that post being either this weekend or on Monday! I definitely need to keep on top of this whole blogging thing! LOL.




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25 07 2008

I totally love the purple.

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