September Stash Update!

6 09 2008

You know… these updates were intended to keep me movtivated in this whole “shrink the stash” deal… but all I seem to be doing is increasing the stash.  If you remember, I set a goal back in January of having less yarn at the end of the year than I did at the beginning.  At the current rate I’m going, it’s not looking good…  hehe.

But I’m going to keep on going!  This week I did something horrific; I canceled my member ship to the Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club!  EEK!  I know… one of my two exceptions for the yarn diet that will last the entire school year, and I got rid of it.  As much as I love the club, I have plenty in my stash to hold me over till I graduate.  Heck, I probably have enough to last the next 10 years.  Would I go 10 years without buying yarn?  Never, but I totally could.  😉

So, on with the whole “update” thing.

23709 grams of yarn currently in the stash (+1492 grams this year)

347.2 oz of stuff in my fiber stash.  (+149.9 oz this year)

Of course the numbers are up for the year!  They’re always up!  lol.  As of now my stash is over 12.5 bigger than it was in January!  EEK!  That really is terrifying.  I’m working on it though.  I only have 1/3 of the year left, just a little under 4 months.  It may be impossible to shrink it down to meet my original goals, but it will aim to see just how low I can make it.  I want to set goals to get things finished and actually finish them!




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7 09 2008
Valerie in San Diego

You crack me up!!

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