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26 10 2008

Last week when I photographed the scarf and the washcloth, I also took a picture of my current progress on the socks I’ve been working on for the past month.  Well, I didn’t post it because I figured I’d save the photo for in the middle of the week when I did the next blog entry.  And of course, the week got crazy, so that entry didn’t happen.  But here’s the picture I would have shown:

Lisa Souza Socks.

I was getting so close to the heel! Just a few rows from it. Then this week happened. I knit a little during school, went to knit night on Thursday at starbucks, knit a little Friday night while hanging out with the boyfriend, then finished them up last night at gaming night. I forgot scissors, but hey, nail clippers worked surprisingly well for cutting the yarn. I’ll have to remember that. So here’s how they’re looking now:

Lisa Souza Socks

It’s amazing how different they can look with no flash. But these socks were just a random mix and match type pattern from a class I took. The cuff was a 2×2 rib, with a random bowtie pattern on the cuff and top of the foot, and the heel was a band heel. Honestly, this band heel thing is amazing. I really liked the way it turned out. And it fits my foot REALLY well. I think I might have to do those on some of my socks from now on.

The yarn I used was Lisa Souza’s Sport Weight Sock yarn. In the color Mars Quake. I bought this yarn about 2 years ago, so I’m not sure if her base has changed any, but it was AMAZING yarn. If I wasn’t on a yarn diet, I would have been placing a BIG order right now. But I’m being good. 😉 I had plenty of yarn left too, about 33g. So I really could have made the cuffs longer if I wanted. The socks were knit on size 2 needles, and I think I said everything important? If not, it’s over on my ravelry page so you can always check it out there, or just send me an e-mail. 🙂 I miss blogging. I think I definitely need to do it more often. And hey, the fact that it’s only been a week is pretty good for me!




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27 10 2008

Awesome! Woot! Hope all is well with you 😉

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