We Are the Champions Handspun

3 11 2008

CMF - We are the Champions

I had a feeling by the time I got around to charging my camera batteries it would be finished and it is!

This is 3 skeins of Crown Mountain Farms Roving spun into a sock weight yarn.  Their superwash merino is fabulous in case you’ve never tried it.  It’s definitely worth the price!  This is some of the stuff I got this past summer when it was on sale for $16 for 8.5 oz!  How could I resist at that price?

So I ended up with 3 skeins total.  The first skein is 85g and 235yds, the second is 75g and 231yds, and the third is 83g and 233yds.  Total yardage is 699 for approximately 8.5oz of yarn.

So I’ve got a total of 8.5 oz out of the roving stash and into the yarn stash!  YAY!
But in more good news I sold some handspun on etsy today so I took that yarn out of the stash today too.  I decided after the last post to keep a running total of the yarn stash on the sidebar in attempts to keep myself motivated in this whole “knit your stash” thing. 😉


November Stash Update

1 11 2008

23647 grams of yarn currently in the stash (+1430 grams this year)

343.2 oz of stuff in my fiber stash.  (+145.9 oz this year)

October was definitely a good month in the stash busting department.  The yarn stash is down a whole 188g!  The fiber stash isn’t down at all, but that’s just fine by me.  lol.  Obviously I’ve finished a decent bit this month, a scarf for charity, the socks, and the candy corn wash cloth.  Also, last night I made another wash cloth which knocked another 40g or so out of my stash.  If I keep going at the rate I’m going, it’s going to be another year or so until those numbers are down to where they were when this year started.  *oops*  What did I learn from this?  I really buy a LOT more than I can knit.  Looking towards next years resolutions, I might try the same thing I did this year: try to have less at the end of the year than when the year started.  It’ll be like a fresh slate.  I’ll be allowed to buy things, as long as I’m using up things.  And of course this will go for fiber festivals too, so I’m going to bust as much stash as possible right now so that I can buy more when May comes. 😉

I was going to post pics of some yarn that I’m working on spinning, but I’m not sure where my battery charger is for my camera… I have a feeling the sister borrowed it and hasn’t given it back.  So I do plan on posting some pics this week, maybe it will even be Handspun FO pics!