December Stash Update!

10 12 2008

Guess who’s 10 days late in doing her stash update for December? hehe.

Yarn: 23658g (+1441 g)

Fiber: 334.7 oz (+137.4 oz)

The fiber stash is down from 343.2 to 334.7! A whole 8.5oz. Obviously from the Crown Mountain Farms I spun up.
The yarn stash…. is up. From 23647 to 23658. So it’s up 11g this month. Which if you didn’t know is not even half an ounce, so really it isn’t a big deal. The reason for the raise? I had a birthday. For my birthday I received a lovely gift cert to the LYS and some cash. Of course the gift cert had to be spent and I spent a little of my own money as to not have money left over on the gift cert. So I got two skeins of something…

I’ll post with pics tomorrow. 😉

I’ve been missing blogging a lot. School does that to me, but I’m done for the semester. So I’m going to try to get back into it.

I’ve got posts planned for the next two days. Hope you’re all thrilled. lol.




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