B-day Stash Enhancement

12 12 2008

I mentioned that I got some extra yarn in the last post for my Birthday and I figured it was time to post some pictures and acknowledge it’s existence in my stash.  🙂

I had been drooling over the Harry Potter Opal since I knew it was coming out, and when I got the gift certificate I knew exactly what the money was going to be spent on.   I’m on a yarn diet of course, but I figured the gift cert definitely could be used on yarn without breaking said diet, since it wasn’t really my money being spent.

The skein on the left is Tonks.  It’s my favorite.  Bright, pink, yellow… mmm.  The one on the right is Harry.  In all honesty after picking Tonks I had no idea what others I really wanted, but I figured since it was Harry Potter themed yarn I must get the color Harry.  Heck, I would have bought all of them if I had unlimited cash.  My LYS rocks.  She still had all 8 colors in stock so I got my pick of colors. 🙂  I love the LYS so much.  haha.




One response

12 12 2008

Pretty! I really like the ball bands.

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