Stash Update 2009-01

7 01 2009

Stash Update 2009 #1!

Well I guess with the new year, and the new stash resolutions, I guess I’ve changed the yarn diet a bit. I said back in August that I wouldn’t buy any yarn till I graduated; however, I did buy some with the LYS gift certificate I got for my Birthday back in November. A goal of buying “no” y arn is ridiculous, and I’m glad I’ve changed it to something a little more sensible.

So now I can buy yarn iff (that’s if and only if for all you non mathy people) I use up stash, and I can only buy up to the amount I’ve used.

AKA. whatever I buy when added to the stash means the stash has to be less than or equal to what it was when the year started. 🙂  (I currently have 23,758g in the yarn stash and 334.7oz in the fiber stash.)  Of course I’m going by total stash, so if I decrease the yarn stash a bunch I can increase the fiber stash if I want.

Of course my original diet of not buying anything till I graduate will probably hold, because 1 month after graduation is the Great Lakes Fiber Fest and I *plan* on buying something when I’m there.  The more I use up now, the more I can buy then. 🙂

Oh, and can I mention how nice it was to change my stats on the yarn diet in the side pannel so now I’m technically out of the red?  hehe.



6 01 2009

Of course with a new year, comes New Year’s Resolutions! I have resolutions! lol.

1. Don’t let the stash grow! – I’m a busy person, so I don’t care if it really shrinks, but I can’t let it get any bigger. I’ll let myself buy yarn as long as I’ve used yarn.
2. Lose Weight – It’s definitely a common resolution, but one that I definitely need to do. The goal is 21 lbs. I’m hoping to lose more of course, but I think 21 is something fairly realistic for a year.
3. SKATE. – So back in September I lost all remaining sanity and decided I wanted to play a sport, roller derby to be more exact. Obviously it’s been a struggle because I wasn’t in the most fabulous shape to begin with, but I have improved. Honestly, I didn’t realize how much I improved until we went on Christmas break and I didn’t go near my skates for two weeks. When I got back on my skates for practice last night, I put all my gear on, stood up and promptly fell down, twice. Apparently my feet forgot what skates were like. The big thing with skating is that I want to keep a positive attitude. I know attitude will get me going and keep me going.
4. Be Happy! – I’m going to try not to stress and enjoy life. Sounds hard huh? lol. I need to stop procrastinating and just live life to the fullest. I want to be happy and comfortable in my skin.

So how about you? Any of you make any good resolutions?

Where did 2008 go?

5 01 2009

It’s been forever since I’ve blogged consistently, and honestly, I miss it.  It just seems like I haven’t been able to find the time to update like I want.  After finals week last semester I had big plans to blog more and actually had 2 or 3 posts already planned out in my head.  I was going to post projects I was knitting for Christmas but then… we got a puppy.

Yes, a puppy. A bout 3 weeks ago my mom went shopping with my grandma, and as they drove past a cute little dog boutique they stopped.  The store had a sign saying they had puppies and so my mom wanted to just go “look.”  This of course was the beginning of the end.

The puppies, were Dachshunds, a favorite breed of our family.  Of course.  There were two 8 week old puppies.  One was a short-haired runt of the litter, black with brown on his paws, eyebrows, stomach and mouth.  The other was a long-haired with lots of different colors.  He of course was much bigger than his little brother.

So my mom called me up to ask if I’d house-break him for her while I was home for Christmas Break.  Honestly, did she think I’d say no?  I’d been begging for a dog for a few years now and the only thing stopping me had been my parents.

Of course she bought the runt, mostly because he really likes to cuddle.  He loves to sit on your shoulder and snuggle up against your neck.  So of course, when he sleeps I can get online, but it isn’t easy to type with a dog on your shoulder.  And when he’s awake, we have to watch him constantly, mostly because he isn’t house broken yet.

We’ve been working on the crate training thing, but it’s definitely difficult to do at night.  He doesn’t seem to mind the crate so much if we’re not home, but when we’re there, he wants to be with us.  Also, he’s apparently decided I’m his favorite person in the world, probably because his first 3 weeks with us were spent with me all day because I was home from school.  Now, if I’m in the living room with the family, he will not rest unless he’s on my lap.  So I’m now trying to stay more to my room when I can, to spend time with my kitty.  Poor kitty went to the vet’s about a week ago for more shots and has been tearing his fur out ever since.  He’s reacted before to shots, so we think it started because of the shot, but I have a feeling it’s continuing because he’s angry at my lack of time with him, or boredom.  He can’t hate the puppy that much since he sat next to me on the couch today while the puppy napped in my lap.  Who knows…

Today, class started back up.  Well, sorta.  I’m student teaching this semester, so it’s definitely different from the norm.  My first full week is observing the class, so today I had a blast watching 4 out of 6 classes take a test, and tomorrow, I get to do the same thing!  Then, on Wednesday and Thursday, the other 2 classes will be taking a different test!  lol.  It’s funny, but I enjoy it.  It’s so hard to believe that I’m almost done with school, but I’m excited.  I can’t wait to graduate so I can be a real adult.  For some reason I feel that graduating and making more than $100 a month will make me a real adult.  haha.

Of course, it’s January, and I’ve made some resoultions.  I think I’ll save that for another post since I’ve babbled enough for today. 😉