6 01 2009

Of course with a new year, comes New Year’s Resolutions! I have resolutions! lol.

1. Don’t let the stash grow! – I’m a busy person, so I don’t care if it really shrinks, but I can’t let it get any bigger. I’ll let myself buy yarn as long as I’ve used yarn.
2. Lose Weight – It’s definitely a common resolution, but one that I definitely need to do. The goal is 21 lbs. I’m hoping to lose more of course, but I think 21 is something fairly realistic for a year.
3. SKATE. – So back in September I lost all remaining sanity and decided I wanted to play a sport, roller derby to be more exact. Obviously it’s been a struggle because I wasn’t in the most fabulous shape to begin with, but I have improved. Honestly, I didn’t realize how much I improved until we went on Christmas break and I didn’t go near my skates for two weeks. When I got back on my skates for practice last night, I put all my gear on, stood up and promptly fell down, twice. Apparently my feet forgot what skates were like. The big thing with skating is that I want to keep a positive attitude. I know attitude will get me going and keep me going.
4. Be Happy! – I’m going to try not to stress and enjoy life. Sounds hard huh? lol. I need to stop procrastinating and just live life to the fullest. I want to be happy and comfortable in my skin.

So how about you? Any of you make any good resolutions?




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