Stash Update 2009-01

7 01 2009

Stash Update 2009 #1!

Well I guess with the new year, and the new stash resolutions, I guess I’ve changed the yarn diet a bit. I said back in August that I wouldn’t buy any yarn till I graduated; however, I did buy some with the LYS gift certificate I got for my Birthday back in November. A goal of buying “no” y arn is ridiculous, and I’m glad I’ve changed it to something a little more sensible.

So now I can buy yarn iff (that’s if and only if for all you non mathy people) I use up stash, and I can only buy up to the amount I’ve used.

AKA. whatever I buy when added to the stash means the stash has to be less than or equal to what it was when the year started. 🙂  (I currently have 23,758g in the yarn stash and 334.7oz in the fiber stash.)  Of course I’m going by total stash, so if I decrease the yarn stash a bunch I can increase the fiber stash if I want.

Of course my original diet of not buying anything till I graduate will probably hold, because 1 month after graduation is the Great Lakes Fiber Fest and I *plan* on buying something when I’m there.  The more I use up now, the more I can buy then. 🙂

Oh, and can I mention how nice it was to change my stats on the yarn diet in the side pannel so now I’m technically out of the red?  hehe.




2 responses

8 01 2009

You’ve given me the courage to fess up to my stash. Thanks! Good luck on your goals.

10 01 2009
Valerie in San Diego

I really hate thinking about how much is in my stash. According to Ravelry, which doesn’t include the stuff I got for Hanukkah (and got for myself for Hanukkah), and is missing a lot of info on various odd balls, I have about 10,000 gm. Sadly, your post is making me feel better about my stash 😉

Happy New Year! Show us more puppy pictures!

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