29 03 2009

I finished the acrylic scarf for charity, so another 141g of yarn came outta the stash. (YAY!) I have two huge portfolios due on Tuesday so no time to take pictures and do a proper blog now.

Also… I may have bought a loom. (eeek!) So freaking excited. lol.


Look! I spun stuff!

28 03 2009

Shocking isn’t it?  I have actually found time in my schedule to play with my spinning wheel.  YAY!

buffalo handspun #1

And a close up picture! Mmmm..
buffalo handspun #2

This yarn is a buffalo blend. Not 100% buffalo, cause I’m cheap, but it does have other exotic type fibers in it like alpaca, etc. Lovely stuff to spin up. Feels really, really nice. I bought this 3 summers ago at the Great Lakes Fiber Show? Not sure, but I do think it was 3 summers ago. Finally got around to spinning it up. And just last summer they were still selling this stuff, so if anyone local is interested, I say you check it out. yummy stuff.

One skein is 58 grams and 83 yards, the other is 46 grams and 70 yards. So of course this knocked some weight from my fiber stash and added it onto my yarn stash. Somewhere in there 100g of yarn disappeared. Not sure how, but I think I might have had the total weight on the roving wrong. But still, I’m definitely in the red for the year, so no new stuff for me until more yarn goes bye bye. Shouldn’t be too long though. The scarf I started with the yarn brought back by the BF is almost done. That will knock out a good chunk. 🙂 I’ve definitely caught the knitting bug. A few more inches of a sock and even more will come out of the stash, and I’m DYING to cast on a washcloth cause i’m in the mood for something bright and fun. I will get the stash down so I can go to Great Lakes Fiber Show in May and actually BUY stuff.

Oh, for some newer puppy pics! Puppy is 5 months old now so obviously he grew. 🙂

We dressed him up for St. Patricks day, obviously he loves it. haha.

That St. Patricks day pic HAS to be my favorite. He just looks so dashing. lol.

A pic of the big boy. Looking cute as hell.

There are a few more on my flickr account. Clicking on any of the photos above should take you there. 🙂 Gotta love the puppy pictures.

OMG it’s March.

8 03 2009

Where the heck did January and February go?

More puppy pictures were requested, and I have a few more for ya today.  These were from back in December after we got him.  So he was about 8 weeks old in these photos.  I haven’t gotten any more recent ones because my camera batteries suck and don’t stay charged for more than 10 minutes.  However, my boyfriend came to the rescue and gave me two new batteries.  hehe.  YAY!


We put him on the bench that sits on the fireplace.  We were being cute.  😉


Of course he didn’t stay on the bench very long, and he proceeded to jump OFF the fireplace after this photo was taken.  You can see my spinny wheel in the background off to the right.  Should help give you some idea of size.  Tiny, tiny puppy.
He weighed about 2.5lbs when these photos were taken, and since then he’s grown to about 6.5-7lbs.  He’s definitely getting bigger.  We attack the cats now, and jump onto the fireplace all by ourselves.  He is also completely and utterly terrified of cars, and because of that does NOT want to go for walks outside, especially when those walks are in the street.  HECK NO.  It’s so funny.  If it’s nice and hasn’t rained, he loves walking in the back yard, but that road is scaaaaaaary.

I’m hoping to get some more pics of him soon so you can see how much he’s grown.  He’s definitely still a puppy, but he’s growing into his body a little better.

My new years resolutions are still going well.  My weight has gone down, and I have been skating when I’m not sick.  For some reason I’m getting sick ALL the time now, but that might be because of student teaching.  All the kids are sick one week, and I’m sick the next, then the pattern just repeats and repeats and repeats.  The yarn diet?  Well I haven’t bought ANY yarn.  I’ve been good. 😉  HOWEVER, my boyfriend has been driving to Pittsburgh to pick up things his great grandfather has been getting rid of… and somehow my yarnstash has increased as a result.  (picture an annoyed smiley)  So I have 3 skeins of acrylic that popped into the stash.  Really it’s not too much, but seeing as how I’ve had like zero knitting time, it’s a big jump, especially when I’m not allowed to buy anything till I’ve used stuff.  This yarn is like a step in the wrong direction.  So what am I doing?  Well, I’m going to crochet it into charity stuff.  muahahaha.  I’m going to start a scarf out of the one skein today, and just work down that stuff first.  It’ll be nice to work with some worsted weight stuff.