BIG update…. and no, I’m not addicted to weaving. ;)

12 04 2009

I swear… I’m totally not addicted to weaving. I’m denying everything! I can stop whenever I want to.

I realized that way back when I finished a scarf, but never took a picture and posted it, so first off, here’s that crocheted scarf. Crochet was quick, and the yarn was some of the stuff BF added to my stash without my permission. I was very glad to see it go.

Crocheted Scarf

The next picture, is the three scarves I have finished thus far. Obviously they look a lot alike. The one on top is the first one I finished. Of course I tried to get fancy with color on my first one. Then I realized that the pink and white were too close so it really didn’t stand out much. The bottom left was the second one that I finished. Definitely better than the first, and the third is the best by far. My edges are much nicer on that one, and my warp was nice and even. I realized that my biggest issues with the scarf getting all wavy was due to my warp and my laziness in actually putting paper between ALL the layers. For some reason at the end of warping, I just give up and don’t bother with paper for that last round or two. *stupidity*

woven scarves

Of course, I thought I could get away with the lack of paper for those last two or three wraps on the warp, but it definitely made the right side of this scarf curve quite a bit. This of course angered me and I spent many minutes cursing. I was so annoyed that I was *finally* using nice yarn (and not crappy acrylic BF dumped into the stash) and it was looking not so nice. Of course, after getting the first bit done, the tension evened itself out. But one funky end isn’t going to be horribly noticeable. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Woven Scarf #4

Of course, I am knitting as well. Although the loom is fairly portable, it isn’t easy to drag around. I’ve been hauling around lots of cotton in my purse cause I’ve just been in the mood for dishcloths. More 4-corner dishcloths. I made one before and loved it, so I thought I’d whip out a few more.

wash cloth

Oh, and if you didn’t notice the stash total for the year is -70g! I’m down 70g for the year! Of course, it’s not enough to let me buy anything yet. I’ve been drooling over the giant cones of cotton from webs, so I’m thinking I’ll try to use up at least 4lbs of stash so that I can order 4 – 1 pound cones from webs. It would qualify me for a discount too, so of course I’ll need to buy 4. ๐Ÿ˜‰




3 responses

12 04 2009

You weavers are going to infect me. I used to have a table loom as a child and now I am wishing I still had it when I see what you are making. Beautiful! Have lots of fun, and I will live vicariously through your blog.

12 04 2009

Scarves lookin good! You’re totally right about how important separating your layers of warp is! You have very nice selvages though ๐Ÿ˜€
Starting to get antsy to warp up Wolfie!

12 04 2009

Tres chic! ๐Ÿ™‚

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