Yay Dishcloth!

14 04 2009

I heart dishcloths. Love the things.

Finished another 4 Corner dish cloth, the pattern is on Ravelry for all those interested.

4 corner wash cloth

Of course this used up another 40g from the stash which means I’ve used up 110g for the year. Woot!

I think my ultimate goal is to try to use up as much as possible so I can get some yarn to make scarves on the loom for x-mas this year.

I’ve been eying the pound cones that webs sells, and of course if I buy 4, I qualify for the 20% discount. But, I could also buy 7 and qualify for the 25% discount. 😉 But of course, I’d have to use up that amount in yarn in order to buy cones. So the goal is to use up as much as physically possible this summer so that I can get some stuff to weave with. We’ll see how it goes. The current goal is to use up 1lb of stash stuff a month. If I can push closer to 2lbs a month, it would be even better. The more I use up, the more cones I can get.




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