I’m baaaaaaaaaack.

15 08 2009

I know… I’ve been MIA for what almost 3 months now?  Gasp!  Knitting has been uneventful for blogging purposes.  I’ve been knitting like crazy yes, but they were all test knits.  And OMG I love the yarn Unique Sheep sells.  So if you ever need to go binge, I highly recommend.  If you google The Unique Sheep you should find them.  I’m too lazy to toss a link up right now. 😉

What else is new?  Well I did get a job, and it was in SC, so I packed up all my junk and moved down.  Well, not all my junk, just enough to get by for a year.  Currently staying with my aunt down here, so really didn’t have the room to bring the entire stash.  For that reason a good chunk of it was left at home in Ohio.  So, when next summer rolls around and I have some free time, I’ll probably head back home and pack up the rest of the stuff I *need* to survive. 😉
School starts next week, so life is very very busy.  The current test knit needs to be done by the end of the month, and it’s fair isle so I’m really pushing myself. hehe.  Shouldn’t take too long, just so busy with life and all.  Once that’s done I think I’ll be taking a break from test knitting that way I can focus on school and knit my own stuff for a bit. 😉

I promise to write sooner rather than later!  If you ever need anything just toss an e-mail or I’m on AOL Instant Messenger, so send me an e-mail if you want me to add you on AIM. 🙂

Oh! And although I’m still in the red as far as yarn stash is concerned it is down 47g!  About 33 of that was from a washcloth I never photographed when finishing, and the other 14 came from tossing a small minuscule amount of dishcloth yarn when I was cleaning in my room. 😉  There was so little there, it wasn’t even worth keeping.  Yay for de-cluttering a bit!