Goooodbye January…

30 01 2010

Okay, so I said back on the 4th that my goal was to update every week!  Obviously I’m not sticking to that goal very well.  haha.

So if you take a look to your right, you will see that I’ve updated my “yarn stats.”  Lost some oz when I made a washcloth, and gained it back when I put some  new yarn into the stash.  Of course I bought this new yarn back in November, yet I never showed you all the pictures!

So lets take a look now shall we?


This… is luxe.  And it, is beaaaaaaaaautiful.  Got this from Unique Sheep which has some stunning stuff.  It’s 25% tussah silk/75% Superwash Merino, and the color is Summer Rose.  It’s about a sock weight.  100g and 400yds.  Of course the skein was marked 10g by accident, hehe, but I knooooooooow it’s not 10g. 😉

15 step

And this… is my favorite.  I bought this from the 15 step gradience colors.    I wanted the 6 skeins for a shawl, but I couldn’t decide on a gradience color, so I went with the 15 step.  So I picked 6 colors (#9 through #14) and I loooooooove them.  Each skein is 50g and about 184 yds.  So of course that was a big chunk added to my stash.

So the bad news, I got a bunch of yarn added to the stash, but the good news is that I started over my stash counts since we have a new year!  YAY!  I swear, a new year is like cheating.  haha.  So I started off with a big jump up from last year; however, I am determined to use up yarn this year.  I’m currently focusing on two projects.  The first is the one I work on all the time when I’m at home, my pink ripple.

Ripple from Hell

Well I have been working away on the ripple.  If you remember correctly I started this back in Winter of 2006, and it’s still not progressing very far.  But I’m working on it. 😉

Also I found a new knitting group!  So I joined them last week and took a pair of socks on that I started about 2 years ago. 😉  Two old WIPs that I’m trying to push out of my stash.  *woot*


Another New Year

4 01 2010

OMG.  Who kidnapped 2009?  I want it back!!

What’s new and exciting in my life?  Not much.  I moved to South Carolina, but I’m pretty sure I’ve said that before?  I’m still working… and it’s the typical chaos of adjusting to a whole new life.

As far as knitting and crochet go, I haven’t really gotten much done.  On a spur of crazy I decided to crochet myself a rag for cleaning instead of actually buying one.  heh.  My family got a good laugh. 😛  They just don’t understand me. 😉

Spinning and weaving?  My wheel and loom still live in Ohio so those haven’t been happening.

I have been knitting a bit on a sock, and crocheting a bit on my afgahn.  Hopefully I’ll be getting some pictures up soon.  I set a New Years goal of trying to organize my life a little better.  I’m trying to keep my apartment clean and organized!  hahhaha. Yup, start laughing now.  Trying to kick some of my procrastination habit.  Really, it’s the procrastination I’m working on… I put off cleaning… procrastination.  I become unorganized… I’ll do it later.  I’m always putting something off, be it going to bed, getting out of bed in the morning, or blogging.  It’s just what I do. 😉  And as much as I looooove procrastinating…  the chaos is driving me crazy.

So those are my goals. 😉  Of course I’m still on a mission to lower the stash count.  My numbers over on the side there are off though.. I have bought more yarn (hehe) and I haven’t really finished much of anything.  I’ll try to get those numbers updated this week and maybe kick off a fresh start for the 2010  year.