I’m currently working my way through college.  Hopefully when I’m done I’ll have enough qualifications to find myself a job.

I’m a big fan of spinning, knitting and crochet and that is what I mainly talk about in my blog.

So I’m doing this Knitwars thing through the Lime N Violet website.  In this little game you can earn gold and other points for finishing objects, swatching, casting on a new object and all sorts of things.  So I’ve decided I’m going to use the gold earned to buy new yarns.  3 gold in the little game gives me 1 real dollar.  Books, knitting needles, and other odds and ends have a 1 gold to 1 dollar ratio.  Hopefully this will work out better than my fiber budget because I actually have to USE the things I’ve purchased.

I’m a big fan of other knitting blogs and I listen to several knitting related podcasts.

If you ever have any questions about anything on my blog feel free to contact me at kraftie2111ATgmailDOTcom.  You know what to do with the AT and DOT I hope…  😉

I’m hoping at some time in the future to put up a swap page on my blog if I ever find any yarn or fiber I don’t want.  Most of the time… there won’t be yarn unless it’s left over from a project, but chances are I’ll have some handspun.  I have a tendancy to buy more than I need because, well, it’s cheaper.  So I spin it all up and have twice as much as I will really use.


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9 12 2011
Karan Goel

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