MORE Washcloths!

19 04 2009


Well, I guess technically the one on the right was the one I blogged about last time, but the other is new. Same pattern as before, the lovely 4-Corners Dishcloth. If you google “4-Corners Dishcloth, I believe the first link that pops up is the pdf of the pattern. Love these things! The color for the one on the left is Rosewood, in case I hadn’t mentioned it before. And the yarn for the one on the right is Over the Rainbow. Both are made from Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton.

As much as I love them, I have moved on to other wash cloth patterns. I printed off a Garterlac Pattern which I think I may be falling in love with. Although I could easily finish it in not time, I am only working on washcloths when I’m not at home. The reason? Part of my yarn diet goals. Yup, I’m making crazy yarn diet goals again in honor of summer. 😉

So we all know I cannot buy yarn unless i use up what I’ve got. So far I’ve used 148g for the year. Woot! I really want to buy some cones of cotton so that I can make Christmas gifts for friends and family this year. I would like to buy at least 4, so I have some variety in colors, and each cone weighs a pound. This of course means I would have to use up at least 4 pounds of stash. Which means, this summer I will attempt to stash bust 4lbs of yarn. If I count the months of April, May, June and July in this “summer” that means I should be using up approximately one pound each month. So far this month I am down 148g, which means I would need to use up another 306g. It probably could happen. Really, the 1lb a month is an average. Another goal, is to finish up a lot of the UFOs that have been lurking in my stash. I shall give you all a list of UFOs:

  1. Charity Scarf  (December 2008)
  2. Widdershins  (December 2007)
  3. Essential Stripe Sweater  (December 2007)
  4. Popcorn Ripple Afghan  (December 2006)
  5. Baby Blanket  (October 2006)
  6. Candle Flame Shawl  (July 2006)

I also have a washcloth cast on, and a scarf warped on the loom.  I’m not counting the washcloth or scarf as UFOs cause I’m pretty actively working on them.  Part of me wants to be completely monogomous with my knitting until all the UFOs are gone, but many of my UFOs aren’t very portable, which is probably why they’re UFOs to begin with.   So here are my rules:

  • Washcloths as my travel project.  If I need to cast a new one on for travel reasons, that is completely acceptable.
  • Washcloths cannot be knitted when not traveling.  (this way I can’t cheat and cast on tons of “travel projects”)
  • Scarves on the loom can also be started.  Weaving will give my hands a break from all the knitting/crocheting.
  • I will pick one UFO at a time, and work through it till it is finished.
  • The next UFO will be selected when the previous is finished.  There is no special order in which I will finish UFOs.
  • A UFO can only be thrown back into hibernation due to it being uncomfortable to knit in that particular season.  Aka, I may not knit a wool sweater in August if I chose not to do so.

Yay for having goals.  So the short term goal is to have 4lbs out of the stash by the beginning of August, so that I can buy some yarn to make scarves for gifts.  A long term goal, is to get all these UFOs done.  I’m really not sure how long I should give myself to finish them.  The knitted scarf should only take 2 weeks at most.  I think I’ll give myself a month for Widdershins and a month for the baby blanket.  Two months for the sweater perhaps?  You know, scratch that, I’ll give myself a year.

By May 1st 2010, I will have the above listed UFOs FINISHED!  And I’ll try not to have another 10 UFOs started. 😉  I do like having multiple projects, but the current ones I’ve started have been on the needles for way too long.  I think in the future I’ll aim for 4 projects at a time.  That way I can have a weaving one, a spinning one, a knitting and a crochet.  Of course, I’ll just have to make sure one of those is a travel project.  Or perhaps I’ll only let myself have two projects, a travel and a stay at home?  We’ll see.  Right now I have way to many projects that are “stay at home” projects… and there are multiple knitting ones.


Look! I spun stuff!

28 03 2009

Shocking isn’t it?  I have actually found time in my schedule to play with my spinning wheel.  YAY!

buffalo handspun #1

And a close up picture! Mmmm..
buffalo handspun #2

This yarn is a buffalo blend. Not 100% buffalo, cause I’m cheap, but it does have other exotic type fibers in it like alpaca, etc. Lovely stuff to spin up. Feels really, really nice. I bought this 3 summers ago at the Great Lakes Fiber Show? Not sure, but I do think it was 3 summers ago. Finally got around to spinning it up. And just last summer they were still selling this stuff, so if anyone local is interested, I say you check it out. yummy stuff.

One skein is 58 grams and 83 yards, the other is 46 grams and 70 yards. So of course this knocked some weight from my fiber stash and added it onto my yarn stash. Somewhere in there 100g of yarn disappeared. Not sure how, but I think I might have had the total weight on the roving wrong. But still, I’m definitely in the red for the year, so no new stuff for me until more yarn goes bye bye. Shouldn’t be too long though. The scarf I started with the yarn brought back by the BF is almost done. That will knock out a good chunk. 🙂 I’ve definitely caught the knitting bug. A few more inches of a sock and even more will come out of the stash, and I’m DYING to cast on a washcloth cause i’m in the mood for something bright and fun. I will get the stash down so I can go to Great Lakes Fiber Show in May and actually BUY stuff.

Oh, for some newer puppy pics! Puppy is 5 months old now so obviously he grew. 🙂

We dressed him up for St. Patricks day, obviously he loves it. haha.

That St. Patricks day pic HAS to be my favorite. He just looks so dashing. lol.

A pic of the big boy. Looking cute as hell.

There are a few more on my flickr account. Clicking on any of the photos above should take you there. 🙂 Gotta love the puppy pictures.

We Are the Champions Handspun

3 11 2008

CMF - We are the Champions

I had a feeling by the time I got around to charging my camera batteries it would be finished and it is!

This is 3 skeins of Crown Mountain Farms Roving spun into a sock weight yarn.  Their superwash merino is fabulous in case you’ve never tried it.  It’s definitely worth the price!  This is some of the stuff I got this past summer when it was on sale for $16 for 8.5 oz!  How could I resist at that price?

So I ended up with 3 skeins total.  The first skein is 85g and 235yds, the second is 75g and 231yds, and the third is 83g and 233yds.  Total yardage is 699 for approximately 8.5oz of yarn.

So I’ve got a total of 8.5 oz out of the roving stash and into the yarn stash!  YAY!
But in more good news I sold some handspun on etsy today so I took that yarn out of the stash today too.  I decided after the last post to keep a running total of the yarn stash on the sidebar in attempts to keep myself motivated in this whole “knit your stash” thing. 😉

September Stash Update!

6 09 2008

You know… these updates were intended to keep me movtivated in this whole “shrink the stash” deal… but all I seem to be doing is increasing the stash.  If you remember, I set a goal back in January of having less yarn at the end of the year than I did at the beginning.  At the current rate I’m going, it’s not looking good…  hehe.

But I’m going to keep on going!  This week I did something horrific; I canceled my member ship to the Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club!  EEK!  I know… one of my two exceptions for the yarn diet that will last the entire school year, and I got rid of it.  As much as I love the club, I have plenty in my stash to hold me over till I graduate.  Heck, I probably have enough to last the next 10 years.  Would I go 10 years without buying yarn?  Never, but I totally could.  😉

So, on with the whole “update” thing.

23709 grams of yarn currently in the stash (+1492 grams this year)

347.2 oz of stuff in my fiber stash.  (+149.9 oz this year)

Of course the numbers are up for the year!  They’re always up!  lol.  As of now my stash is over 12.5 bigger than it was in January!  EEK!  That really is terrifying.  I’m working on it though.  I only have 1/3 of the year left, just a little under 4 months.  It may be impossible to shrink it down to meet my original goals, but it will aim to see just how low I can make it.  I want to set goals to get things finished and actually finish them!

Stash Enhancement

26 07 2008

Well, like I said in my previous post I did some stash enhancement when Crown Mountain Farms had their sale this month. In fact the sale is STILL ON TILL THE END OF JULY. So seriously, if you’ve never tried CMF now is the time to do it. The only thing I’ve spun up of theirs is the Superwash Merino, but I’ve got nothing bad to say about it. Oh well.. don’t wash it in hot water. Do the luke warm/cold water thing. It does bleed a bit if you dump it in hot water. But that happens with store bought clothes too so hey!

Okay.. on with the pictures of what I bought. 😉

San Francisco

Colorway: San Francisco – 8.5oz

Under The Boardwalk

Colorway: Under The Boardwalk – 8.5oz

Born To Be Wild

Colorway: Born To Be Wild

We Are the Champions

Colorway: We Are The Champions

Yes. I got a little carried away. But hey, I plan on using many of these colors for Christmas gifts. I want to make some scarves for people I work with and with these 8.5 oz bundles I can probably get 6-8 gifts out of it!


25 07 2008

Yea, it’s been a little while since I’ve updated.  I have so many times where I get ready to post, so I rush around to photograph all the new things I’ve started and finished.  Then I discover the camera batteries have died.  So by the time they charge up again, I’m busy and just don’t update. haha.

Well I’ve decided that today I NEED to update.  The reason I feel such a desire is most likely because of the fact that I have my Praxis II PLT test tomorrow that I really don’t feel like studying for.  haha.  But anyways!  On with yarn pics!!!

Purple Fleece
I finally started dyeing up some of my fleece. This is it after 2 runs through the crockpot. It just wasn’t dark enough after the first time through. Really I would like it even darker than it is currently, but it doesn’t look too light when spun up. I’m having SO much fun carding and spinning this fleece. It’s not the softest of soft but it will make a good hard wearing sock I think. 🙂

There was also some stash enhancement. These were bought for the purpose of making Nanner Socks. I was planning to cast them on the second I finished the monkey socks but another pair of socks was started as well. I was just feeling like I had too many WIPs to start yet another pair of socks.
Nanner Yarn!

Heck… there was even more stash enhancement when I noticed that Crown Mountain Farms was having a sale! Their superwash merino is being sold for $16 rather than the usual $20! That’s a great price for handdyed merino. So I might have bought a few. I’ll take a picture when I get a chance. 😉

I also finished spinning up my June Spunky Fiber Club shipment. I’m thinking it’s going to be a nice lacy scarf or something. 🙂
Spunky Club June 2008

And that’s it as far as yarn things. I’ve got some FOs and some new WIPs, but I think I’ll save those for another post. I plan on that post being either this weekend or on Monday! I definitely need to keep on top of this whole blogging thing! LOL.

Finished Monkey Socks

18 07 2008

Well, I finished the monkey socks! Technically I finished them earlier this week, but it took me awhile to get around to blogging. 🙂

Monkey Socks

The cool thing, I actually have enough left that I could probably get a second pair of socks out of it. I haven’t decided if I want to knit it up myself yet, or if I feel like selling/giving/trading it. I did list is as for sale/trade on ravelry, we’ll see what happens. If any of you are interested, maybe we can work something out, just send me an e-mail or a message on ravelry.