Goooodbye January…

30 01 2010

Okay, so I said back on the 4th that my goal was to update every week!  Obviously I’m not sticking to that goal very well.  haha.

So if you take a look to your right, you will see that I’ve updated my “yarn stats.”  Lost some oz when I made a washcloth, and gained it back when I put some  new yarn into the stash.  Of course I bought this new yarn back in November, yet I never showed you all the pictures!

So lets take a look now shall we?


This… is luxe.  And it, is beaaaaaaaaautiful.  Got this from Unique Sheep which has some stunning stuff.  It’s 25% tussah silk/75% Superwash Merino, and the color is Summer Rose.  It’s about a sock weight.  100g and 400yds.  Of course the skein was marked 10g by accident, hehe, but I knooooooooow it’s not 10g. 😉

15 step

And this… is my favorite.  I bought this from the 15 step gradience colors.    I wanted the 6 skeins for a shawl, but I couldn’t decide on a gradience color, so I went with the 15 step.  So I picked 6 colors (#9 through #14) and I loooooooove them.  Each skein is 50g and about 184 yds.  So of course that was a big chunk added to my stash.

So the bad news, I got a bunch of yarn added to the stash, but the good news is that I started over my stash counts since we have a new year!  YAY!  I swear, a new year is like cheating.  haha.  So I started off with a big jump up from last year; however, I am determined to use up yarn this year.  I’m currently focusing on two projects.  The first is the one I work on all the time when I’m at home, my pink ripple.

Ripple from Hell

Well I have been working away on the ripple.  If you remember correctly I started this back in Winter of 2006, and it’s still not progressing very far.  But I’m working on it. 😉

Also I found a new knitting group!  So I joined them last week and took a pair of socks on that I started about 2 years ago. 😉  Two old WIPs that I’m trying to push out of my stash.  *woot*


198yds forward… and 70yds back…

24 05 2009


So I went on vacation, applied for some jobs while I was down there, and of course did some knitting as well.  I finished one of the washcloths I was working on and worked a lot on one of my UFOs.

So first, lets talk about the stuff I finished!
garterlac cloth

Finished up the garterlac washcloth.  Still haven’t entered this into Ravelry.  lol.  Life has just been so  busy with the never ending job applications and stating back wit work.

Charity scarf...

Then shortly after I returned home I finished this scarf, so there’s one of my UFOs that is now an FO.  So now I’ve got 5 more UFOs that I want to get finished before May 1st of 2010.  We’re making progress, even if it’s slow progress!  haha.  Speaking of the UFO list, here it is if you’ve forgotten.  Of couse the Charity Scarf is now complete.  Next up is the Widdershins socks.  I’m not even sure if I’ve ever blogged about these babies, although I probably have at some point.  Right now I’m at the heel flap/gusset part, so in a few weeks to a month they should be done! yay!

  1. Charity Scarf  (December 2008)
  2. Widdershins  (December 2007)
  3. Essential Stripe Sweater  (December 2007)
  4. Popcorn Ripple Afghan  (December 2006)
  5. Baby Blanket  (October 2006)
  6. Candle Flame Shawl  (July 2006)

So after finishing both of these, the stash was at an all time low of 198g for the year!  So then of course, the Great Lakes Fiber Show is this weekend, so I ran down with my boyfriend and stumbled across the Creatively Dyed booth.  In all honesty, it was one of two booths at the show that really caught my attention.  So I grabbed two skeins, of sock yarn and figured oh, only two skeins, I’ll just be over a little.  Haha… wrong.  What I didn’t realize was the new skeins I bought are 184 grams each.  Oops.  lol.  The good thing about it, is that I can probably get 2 pairs of socks out of each skein so I’m definitely getting my money’s worth.  😉  Part of me is temped to make a scarf even from the extras.

Mmmm sock yarn

Of course, ths mean I’m now back in the red as far as stash is concened.  Oops.  Good news is that it’s only 70 grams into the red, so it’ll be easy enough to fix, but it does set me back as far as goals go.  haha.

BIG update…. and no, I’m not addicted to weaving. ;)

12 04 2009

I swear… I’m totally not addicted to weaving. I’m denying everything! I can stop whenever I want to.

I realized that way back when I finished a scarf, but never took a picture and posted it, so first off, here’s that crocheted scarf. Crochet was quick, and the yarn was some of the stuff BF added to my stash without my permission. I was very glad to see it go.

Crocheted Scarf

The next picture, is the three scarves I have finished thus far. Obviously they look a lot alike. The one on top is the first one I finished. Of course I tried to get fancy with color on my first one. Then I realized that the pink and white were too close so it really didn’t stand out much. The bottom left was the second one that I finished. Definitely better than the first, and the third is the best by far. My edges are much nicer on that one, and my warp was nice and even. I realized that my biggest issues with the scarf getting all wavy was due to my warp and my laziness in actually putting paper between ALL the layers. For some reason at the end of warping, I just give up and don’t bother with paper for that last round or two. *stupidity*

woven scarves

Of course, I thought I could get away with the lack of paper for those last two or three wraps on the warp, but it definitely made the right side of this scarf curve quite a bit. This of course angered me and I spent many minutes cursing. I was so annoyed that I was *finally* using nice yarn (and not crappy acrylic BF dumped into the stash) and it was looking not so nice. Of course, after getting the first bit done, the tension evened itself out. But one funky end isn’t going to be horribly noticeable. 😉

Woven Scarf #4

Of course, I am knitting as well. Although the loom is fairly portable, it isn’t easy to drag around. I’ve been hauling around lots of cotton in my purse cause I’ve just been in the mood for dishcloths. More 4-corner dishcloths. I made one before and loved it, so I thought I’d whip out a few more.

wash cloth

Oh, and if you didn’t notice the stash total for the year is -70g! I’m down 70g for the year! Of course, it’s not enough to let me buy anything yet. I’ve been drooling over the giant cones of cotton from webs, so I’m thinking I’ll try to use up at least 4lbs of stash so that I can order 4 – 1 pound cones from webs. It would qualify me for a discount too, so of course I’ll need to buy 4. 😉

Belated x-mas gift. ;)

7 04 2009

Yup, finally finished those socks I started for my sister for LAST x-mas.

Started them the first week of December when I finished with finals, and finished them tonight. I’m not in the mood for a long bloggy post. The yarn was noro kureyon number 182. I used 61 of the 100g in the skein, which means I’ve got 39g left. tons left.


My sister, loves them. Of course. They’re bright and obnoxious! haha.

So of course, this was another 61 g outta the stash. Not much, but it’s an improvement. 😉 I’m still up 306g for the year, but I’m hoping that will drop quickly once the loom shows up. Of course, the loom still hasn’t shown up. I’m trying very very hard to be patient. 😉

Look! I spun stuff!

28 03 2009

Shocking isn’t it?  I have actually found time in my schedule to play with my spinning wheel.  YAY!

buffalo handspun #1

And a close up picture! Mmmm..
buffalo handspun #2

This yarn is a buffalo blend. Not 100% buffalo, cause I’m cheap, but it does have other exotic type fibers in it like alpaca, etc. Lovely stuff to spin up. Feels really, really nice. I bought this 3 summers ago at the Great Lakes Fiber Show? Not sure, but I do think it was 3 summers ago. Finally got around to spinning it up. And just last summer they were still selling this stuff, so if anyone local is interested, I say you check it out. yummy stuff.

One skein is 58 grams and 83 yards, the other is 46 grams and 70 yards. So of course this knocked some weight from my fiber stash and added it onto my yarn stash. Somewhere in there 100g of yarn disappeared. Not sure how, but I think I might have had the total weight on the roving wrong. But still, I’m definitely in the red for the year, so no new stuff for me until more yarn goes bye bye. Shouldn’t be too long though. The scarf I started with the yarn brought back by the BF is almost done. That will knock out a good chunk. 🙂 I’ve definitely caught the knitting bug. A few more inches of a sock and even more will come out of the stash, and I’m DYING to cast on a washcloth cause i’m in the mood for something bright and fun. I will get the stash down so I can go to Great Lakes Fiber Show in May and actually BUY stuff.

Oh, for some newer puppy pics! Puppy is 5 months old now so obviously he grew. 🙂

We dressed him up for St. Patricks day, obviously he loves it. haha.

That St. Patricks day pic HAS to be my favorite. He just looks so dashing. lol.

A pic of the big boy. Looking cute as hell.

There are a few more on my flickr account. Clicking on any of the photos above should take you there. 🙂 Gotta love the puppy pictures.

We Are the Champions Handspun

3 11 2008

CMF - We are the Champions

I had a feeling by the time I got around to charging my camera batteries it would be finished and it is!

This is 3 skeins of Crown Mountain Farms Roving spun into a sock weight yarn.  Their superwash merino is fabulous in case you’ve never tried it.  It’s definitely worth the price!  This is some of the stuff I got this past summer when it was on sale for $16 for 8.5 oz!  How could I resist at that price?

So I ended up with 3 skeins total.  The first skein is 85g and 235yds, the second is 75g and 231yds, and the third is 83g and 233yds.  Total yardage is 699 for approximately 8.5oz of yarn.

So I’ve got a total of 8.5 oz out of the roving stash and into the yarn stash!  YAY!
But in more good news I sold some handspun on etsy today so I took that yarn out of the stash today too.  I decided after the last post to keep a running total of the yarn stash on the sidebar in attempts to keep myself motivated in this whole “knit your stash” thing. 😉

October Stash Update!

4 10 2008

Yay for a stash update!  hehe.

23835 grams of yarn currently in the stash (+1618 grams this year)

343.2 oz of stuff in my fiber stash.  (+145.9 oz this year)

As you can see, my fiber stash is down 4 whole ounces this month!  YAY for a decrease somewhere.  lol.  My yarn stash is up 126 grams which is 4.4 oz.  So 4 of those ounces was yarn that moved from the fiber stash to the yarn stash when I finished up the spunky eclectic handspun.  I also finished the Muscari socks which lowered the yarn stash, but I did win some sock yarn which did mean that extra .4oz or so.  All in all, not too bad!

So I’ve been promising pics of the new yarn I *won* and I’ve finally got them uploaded.  😉
berroco comfort sock
I’m thinking I’ll be doing some sort of garter/bias scarf thing on big-ish needles so that it’s sorta light and airy. The yarn really is soft and I love the colors, even if the fiber contents suck a bit. I’m not a huge acrylic/nylon fan when it comes to sock yarns, but that’s just me.

Remember the socks I started last weekend that I said were flying off the needles? I’m almost to the toe of the first one after just a few hours of knitting on them this week! I’m hoping to finish them in October and have some more yarn outta the stash.

DK Sock.