20 02 2006

After searching long hours for a new place to move my blog to I found one. So I started moving. I wasn’t half way there when I discovered that I had already used up 10% of my bandwidth. I didn’t have 7 entries, so I decided I’m going to stay here with blogger. I love pictures. It wouldn’t be a knitting blog without pictures. So I’ll stay here and upload 5 million pictures if i so please, because they don’t give a crap.

Anyways, I always bother my boyfriend about wanting to knit him things. Well yesterday I sent him the link to a knitting blog because there was a stuffed animal thing I thought he would like. Now he wants it… and I think it was just last week when he told me he didn’t want me to knit him anything… amazing how much we can change our minds. So he’s going to get his toy, because I love him that much… lucky lucky lucky. I can see it now, he’ll carry it everywhere while wearing the bunny hat he requested for Christmas… (laughing hysterically)

So my sister and I went shopping after lunch… at least it was shopping in our terms. She wanted to go to Best Buy, and I wanted to drive to a yarn shop in the middle of nowhere. She said she’d go with me as long as I took her to Best Buy. I did, then we drove. She had tried knitting once before, liked it, but quit because it’s not the “cool” thing to do if you’re 13. That and I think she just got bored with it. She didn’t want to learn any new stitches, she didn’t care about patterns. It just wasn’t for her. Then she spent $10 at the yarn store. Walked in, fell in love with everything, and she’s picked up knitting yet again.

What did I buy? Six balls of cheap-o sock yarn (bernat), and more cheap-0 acrylic. I’ll post pictures when I actually start working with it.

My olympic scarf is over 3/4 of the way done. Yay for that. No pictures, it’s still nothing exciting to look at.




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