LOTS of crochet.

19 08 2007

For as little blogging as I’ve done over the past few weeks, I’ve done quite a bit of knitting and crocheting.  I even dug out the spindle tonight and got back to that orange sock yarn I’m going to spindle spin.  I think I’ll spin it on the spindle, but ply it up on the wheel.  I would prefer one or two large skeins of sock yarn instead of 30 baby skeins.  😉

Now for the crochet picture!

popcorn ripple

I love this blanket.  It’s going to be HUGE and that makes me very, very happy.  It’s currently taking almost an hour per row.  Right now I’m only on row number 11.  This is totally a long term project, just like those socks I’m spinning on the spindle.

School starts up again on the 27th so blogging may slow a bit.  Once school starts I’m going to try to update on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Monday will be for knitting, Wednesday for crochet, and Friday for spinning updates.  Hopefully having a set something to update about each day will allow me to post what I’ve been doing yet not bore everyone to tears.  So many of my projects I’m currently working on are long term ones and there’s really nothing horribly exciting to show.




3 responses

19 08 2007

looks like yummy neopolitan ice cream!

20 08 2007

Very pretty! I want to learn how to crochet so I can make a ripple blanket…

20 08 2007

Very nice. 🙂

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